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>Middletown’s Byrnes & Mahoney Wish To Thank Their Supporters

>Dear Supporters,

We are so grateful to all of you for sacrificing your time and supporting us during our campaign for the Middletown Township Committee.

Obviously, we are disappointed with the outcome, but not with the effort put forth by all of you. We would encourage you to remain engaged and optimistic about the future. We saw many new faces this year, and those of you who have been working on the Party’s behalf for many years helped us to convince over 2,000 voters, who voted for Republican Congressional candidates, to cast a vote for us. We believe these “crossover” voters were the product of your door to door efforts and running a campaign based on substance.

Our goal is to build on these efforts. We learned that knocking on doors and delivering our message in person can deliver a district to our side, even in a tough election year. Some of you covered every door in your district, and we won those districts.

Above all, we are proud of the professional campaign we ran, which focused on issues and never allowed our approach to descend into name-calling or personal attacks. Our written materials relied upon empirical facts, and we took great pains to make sure that our assertions were factual. We established ourselves as a credible alternative to those that have controlled this Township for too long.

Looking ahead, we will continue to fight for greater transparency in our local government and work to hold all elected officials accountable for their actions.

You have given us a great gift, and we will never forget it—a gift of your time and energy and deep concern for all of us who live in Middletown. We will forever hold you in our hearts remembering your generosity.

With the warmest regards,

Sean Byrnes & Mary Mahoney


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>Slippery Scharfenberger Avoids Answering Shadow Lake Question On Technicality

>During the public comments segment of the Middletown Township Committee meeting this past Monday night, resident Marilyn Michaels asked Gerry Scharfenberger if he had attended a meeting with Cindy Randazzo of the NJDEP and others on Oct. 21, 2010 in Trenton, which she thought may have been a conflict of interest between his duties as an elected official and his new job as Director of the Office of Planning Advocacy (she also brought up a number of valid concerns that I will deal with later).

This exchange between Ms. Michaels and Gerry Scharfenberger is a classic example how slippery Scharfenberger can be when he answers questions from residents or reporters. His responses are classic examples of deception through omission, that many seasoned career politicians engage in.
I posted on Nov.9th that representatives from T&M Engineering, State Senator Joe Kyrillos, the new Director for the Office of Planning and Advocacy (Mayor) Gerry Scharfenberger and several Middletown Township representatives met with Randazzo and other reps from the DEP on October 21,2010 in Trenton to discuss dredging concerns as related to Shadow Lake. This post was based on information that was forwarded to me by a third party that wished to remain anonymous.
Most of what was posted was factual, what wasn’t as it turned out was the location of the meeting. My third party source had mentioned that Randazzo expressed concerns about coming to Middletown for this meeting and wanted it held in Trenton. My source then added that the meeting took place in State Senator Joe Kyrillos’s office. It was then assumed by myself and the informant that the meeting took place in Trenton, when in fact it took place at Kyrillos’s office here in Middletown.
Why Scharfenberger had to make an ass out of himself over this is anyone guess, I suppose by squabbling with Ms. Michaels over this small point, he thought that it would discredit her in someway. What it did do was to further discredit him in the eyes of reporters there covering the nights event.
When asked about the Shadow Lake meeting afterwards, he admitted to reports that the meeting did take place on Oct. 21st but it never happened in Trenton, He confirmed the fact that it happened in Middletown.

The other valid concern Ms. Michaels brought up during her comments in front of the Committee was, if during his re-election bid, did he know if anyone may have contributed to his campaign, knowing that he was going to be or had recently been appointed as the head of the Office of Planning Advocacy Governor Christie.

She felt (as do I) that if someone was to have contributed to his campaign this year or in future years, that they may expect some special treatment if ever they may need special consideration for the state office that he now represents.

That assumption on Michaels part is, as I said, a valid concern. It goes to the heart of the issue of whether or not Scharfenberger acted ethically or not by not divulging information about his appointed during the campaign. It should be explored now and watched for in the future.


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>Scharfenberger Answered Questions About Conflicts of Interest with Little Elaboration

>Here is another video from Monday night’s Township Committee meeting in Middletown. In this video resident Jeff Blumengold asks humbly, with no malice or preconceived agenda, Mayor Scharfenberger if his new position with the State of NJ as the Director of Planning Advocacy, is in conflict with his duties as an elected official of Middletown.

Mr. Blumengold, who is an opponent of the states affordable housing plan known as COAH, asked Scharfenberger if he could still weigh in on COAH and other zoning or land use issues that Middletown. He wanted to know if Scharfenberger sought out the advice of his superiors or possibly the NJ State Attorney General about what type of issues he would need to refrain from speaking about or voting on as an elected official so as there would be no conflict of interests between his duties as Director of Planning Advocacy and those as a Township Committeeman.

Gerry Scharfenberger answered “There will be no conflict” with no further elaboration(I think he may be wrong about that).

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