>Scharfenberger Answered Questions About Conflicts of Interest with Little Elaboration

>Here is another video from Monday night’s Township Committee meeting in Middletown. In this video resident Jeff Blumengold asks humbly, with no malice or preconceived agenda, Mayor Scharfenberger if his new position with the State of NJ as the Director of Planning Advocacy, is in conflict with his duties as an elected official of Middletown.

Mr. Blumengold, who is an opponent of the states affordable housing plan known as COAH, asked Scharfenberger if he could still weigh in on COAH and other zoning or land use issues that Middletown. He wanted to know if Scharfenberger sought out the advice of his superiors or possibly the NJ State Attorney General about what type of issues he would need to refrain from speaking about or voting on as an elected official so as there would be no conflict of interests between his duties as Director of Planning Advocacy and those as a Township Committeeman.

Gerry Scharfenberger answered “There will be no conflict” with no further elaboration(I think he may be wrong about that).

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One response to “>Scharfenberger Answered Questions About Conflicts of Interest with Little Elaboration

  1. >All I can say is Scharfenberger is a man of poor character, no integrity and full of deceit. We have an insidious cancer in our town, and there will be no cure until we change the system. Starting with Peter Carton and the Republicans permeating this kind of behavior.I don't care what political party you belong to. This should not be condoned.

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