>Letter: 5 Years Later It’s Still Politics As Usual

>In the fall of 2005 I wrote an opinion letter that today I discovered had been printed by “The Suburban” of Old Bridge-Sayreville,as well as by newspapers locally. I noted also that my observations then are still true today, five years later. Politics doesn’t change much as politics and politicians are just as bad now or perhaps worse – if that is possible.

Election day is over and the “silly season” has also ended…at least until June when it’s primary time. Did you ever ask what motivates a politician ? It is not always explained by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs or the desire to serve.We have learned greed,power and ,corruption can be the most powerful of motivators,overriding any virtue or conscience an individual may have. Then there are times when some politicians have more nerve than brains.

Solutions for some of politics ills are term limits. Term limits are necessary to correct the evils of politics. Don’t kid yourselves ….. some aspects of politics are corrupting. Just read the newspapers in the aftermath of the recent elections. Too much concentration of power in one party or one politician is unhealthy for the masses. This is why we have more than a single party system. Our forefathers were not naive.

There are different schools of thought and different approaches to governing and solving problems. That does not make one proposal wrong because it is proposed by one party and opposed by another.

Negotiation and consensus minus the corruption, greed, power struggles and egotism might really make headway in solving some of this country’s and this state’s critical issues as well as many issues in local communities. Unfortunately I don’t have any delusions about New Jersey, or the communities or politics. i just hope for a better world…. someday !

Currently, as was true five years ago, this state can hold itself up as the epitome of all that’s wrong with politics in this country. It’s time for the residents of New Jersey to really pay attention to current events,educate themselves,and exercise their franchise to vote. Make politicians prove their integrity and worthiness of the public trust. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric,much of it is hyperbole or worse !

Regardless of your political persuasion, understand we can no longer afford the follies of the fools. Character flaws are character flaws. We do not need politicians whose sole purpose is to serve themselves or their political parties. They are elected to serve all of us regardless of party affiliation. We, the residents and taxpayers,the citizens of this country,this state or our communities are the losers if we allow this.

Remember always the old adages “to the victor goes the spoils”.”if you don’t vote, don’t complain”,and if you are a politician reading this ” there is no honor among thieves” and “if the shoe fits wear it” !

And last but not least…. the sun will come up tomorrow and “silly season” will come again. You can bet on it !

Barbara R. Thorpe

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