>TRT Chimes In on Monday Night’s Middletown Township Meeting

>In today’s edition of the Diane Gooch owned Two River Times, appears an article written by Ryan Fennell that does a good job at reporting what actually went on durning the Township Committee meeting in Middletown this past Monday night, November 15th.

After being duped by Scharfenberger into believing that he gave up his yearly $4000 stipen as a committee member in January and is now serving as a “volunteer” Mayor after questions arose, when it came to light that Scharfenberger had been appointed to a lucrative position in the Christie administration his last article.
Here Fennell reports, “…The initial controversy developed when a politically conservative local blog revealed shortly after the election that Scharfenberger had been appointed as the director of the Office for Planning Advocacy within the New Jersey Department of State. The office was formerly known as the Office of Smart Growth and fell within the jurisdiction of the Department of Community Affairs.

Scharfenberger was appointed to the position on August 16, and while Scharfenberger claims that his appointment was not kept secret from his constituents or campaign opponents, he also said he did not want to use the news of his appointment to the state position as an advantage for him in the campaign.

“It was made public,” Scharfenberger told The Two River Times™ last week. “It’s just that they (his campaign opponents) didn’t know about it. I’ve been out in front of various groups. It was on the (state) web site.”

No formal announcement was made, Scharfenberger said, because “I didn’t want it to appear as if I was using this position to help my re-election.”

During the Township Committee meeting Monday, Nov. 15, the committee members were asked if they knew about Scharfenberger’s appointment and all but one said that they knew about it….

This is classic Scharfenberger bullshit! If 4 out of the 5 members of theTownship Committee knew about the appointment, why the effort to keep it from the 5th member? It’s obvious that the only functions that Scharfenberger attended and made such an announcement were those that were attended by GOP party loyalists and insiders, otherwise the information of his new job would have become common knowledge around town.
After the meeting was over Fennell questioned Scharfenberger about his statement at the Lincroft Village Green Association’s Candidates Night, where Scharfenberger stated that he had given up his stipend for the year and was acting as a volunteer. It was Middletown resident Don Watson, who initially questioned Scharfenberger over this during public comments, Scharfenberger reaction was to deny he said such a thing and to immediately instruct the Clerk to note for the record that Mr. Watson’s comment was incorrect.
Unfortunately for Mr. Scharfenberger an audio recording of his statement from Candidates Night says otherwise.
When Fennel asked Scharfenberger for and explanation, Fennell reported “…Scharfenberger told The Two River Times™ that he stopped receiving his paychecks in July “more out of concern for the budget.”
More Scharfenberger Bullshit! Did he really think that $153 a week would make a that much of a difference in a budget that was already $5.5M in the hole, can he really say with a straight face that $2,000 would make a difference in a 14% municipal tax increase? I very much doubt it, he gave up his stipend because he knew that he was taking the job within the Christie administration and that the Governor had already reversed his opinion of whether elected official could hold dual offices. According to Christie it is now OK to hold dual offices with in the state as long as those who were elected served to so voluntarily. That is why Scharfenberger gave up his remaining $2000, not out of any concerns over the financial well being of the Township or worries over the budget.
The article goes on to address much of what was brought up that night, much of which is on video and posted here previously on the blog. I recommend reading the article for yourselves this way you can determine if my earlier reporting was inaccurate or biased in anyway.
Scharfenberger is the one that brought this onto himself, all he needed to do was to be honest and show a little integrity when questioned earlier by reporters when asked before the election what his current job position was. Instead he failed/refused to reveal his new position as the Director of Planning Advocacy.


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7 responses to “>TRT Chimes In on Monday Night’s Middletown Township Meeting

  1. Jay

    >Look at all these comments about this issue!Who says this is a dead horse?!

  2. >mr.mayor ( JAY),Defending yourself again.Nothing decent about you,nothing. No respect for the people you claim to represent. No civility displayed either.Cheat to win… "No respect for the truth or the rights of other people and for the common good" as stated by Charles C.Haynes in a recent editorial… "Negative Campaign ads hurting us all" Mr Haynes is a senior scholar at the First Amendment Center.You are a disgusting,uncouth,unethical piece of **** !.

  3. >Ever travel Shafto Road in Tinton Falls and notice the strong odor that permeates the air….comes from the rotting garbage at the Monmouth County Landfill that is located there.Notice the putrid smell recently coming from Middletown's town hall on Kings Highway….comes from the "rotting souls " of some republicans in this township !!Well,"Jay",how about that….. satisfied now ?

  4. >There may be no comments, because everything has been said. But we're been reading.Watch out Mr. Mayor, we're not done with you.

  5. >Let me get this straight. The Mayor did not want to have an unfair advantage in the campaign by letting the TRUTH out?Well, I guess if you are dumb enough to believe that, you are dumb enough to vote for him.

  6. Jay

    >Kind of funny how the assumption is that anyone defending the Mayor in this situation must be the Mayor himself.You are aware that a fairly sizable majority voted for the Mayor, right? Is it so hard to believe that some of them might be able to get on the internet? …and then type?And, Anon at 9:16? Unless you are plotting something, you ARE "done" with the Mayor until his next election. This one was over early on election night…

  7. >Want to hear the Governor weigh in on this situation….he's an officer of the court as well as the chief executive of N.J…Are you both windbags,"JAY", and both as slippery as eels or does somebody have some integrity…NONE displayed so far by either…..New Jersey is doomed by this lack of leadership !!!Bulls in china shops only break things,they don't fix anything !!!!

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