>Why No Meeting Minutes Posted Over the Last Several Months?

>Here’s a question that I thought I would throw out there for someone to answer, why haven’t there been any Meeting Minutes of the Middletown Township Committee posted on the Township’s website since the April 5th, 2010 Workshop meeting?

It’s now the end of November and the next Township Workshop meeting isn’t scheduled until December 6th, 7 months after the last posting of meeting minutes and 14 meetings ago. Why the delay in posting the minutes online? I can understand a 2 month delay, the minutes from the previous meetings need to be approved at the following months get together of the Township Committee, then a little time is added for posting of the minutes to the Townships website by the Clerk, but 7 months? I think that is a bit excessive, someone should be jumping on it, to get those minutes posted in the name of transparency soon.
Transparency will be a big issue in Middletown this coming year when the Township Committee reverts back to its previous 5-0 Republican super majority that was the norm for 16 years before Patrick Short was elected in 2006 and Sean Byrnes in 2007.


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3 responses to “>Why No Meeting Minutes Posted Over the Last Several Months?

  1. >I know the township website is being redone, but this is bringing it backwards. It is a good thing you post that newsletter. That has always been more detailed than the minutes. Maybe the township should post the newsletter.

  2. >Posting the newsletter would be a good idea, but it would take them several months to do it just like the minutes.BTW, It shouldn't matter that the Township website is being redone, it is currently being update with new announcements every other day or so. There is no reason for the meeting minutes from the past several months not to be posted as well.

  3. >As per usual,this gang of four currently integrity challenged TC members think they are above the law.Next year they number five.Mode of operation is "get away with anything you can","hide anything you can", hurt anyone you can" and in this last election,the gullible people of this township.ENDORSED that behavior.Lots of luck ,Middletown residents, you get the government you deserve (or you want) and the higher and higher taxes to pay for the hanky panky (not many of the gullible saw the nonsense or the white wash job,Sharfey & Co. sold with the lies and deceit).The TC minutes are usually a distortion of fact so the Town Hall letter put out by Don Watson is far more enlightening. Too bad the township clerk is not nearly as accurate.

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