>Rumor From The School Yard Was Correct: Middletown schools superintendent to retire

>Well,well, well… I guess I wasn’t wrong afterwards when I posted back on November 18th that Middletown School Superintendent Karen Bilboa had handed in her resignation at the previous nights Board of Education meeting.

Afterwards the Asbury Park Press’s Jennifer Bradshaw followed up on that post and ask Bilboa directly if she had indeed resigned and was planning to leave.
Bilboa denied that she was leaving andattributed the rumor on a misunderstanding:
…”It seems to be that Chris Parton at the end of the meeting announced that the board was going into executive session (to discuss) the superintendent’s contract,” she said.

From there, someone may have “jumped to conclusions” that she resigned, Bilbao said“…. it was reported.

So now, just posted a short while ago on the Asbury Park Press website is the following:

Superintendent of Schools Karen Bilbao has given notice that she plans to retire, and hopes to end her time with the district on Jan. 31, 2011.

In an e-mail to the Asbury Park Press, Bilbao said that she submitted the letter on
Dec. 1, which would give 60 days notice of her intent to retire.

The Board of Education personnel committee is scheduled to meet on Dec. 8, and will be discussing the resignation, she said.

It will be an agenda item at the Dec. 15 Board of Education meeting, Bilbao said.

So what will Karen Bilboa be doing after with herself after January 31st? From what I have been hearing lately she will be working for the NJ State Board of Education in some capacity as a curriculum advisor.


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7 responses to “>Rumor From The School Yard Was Correct: Middletown schools superintendent to retire

  1. >It will be sad to see a person of Karen Bilbao's qualifications leave Middletown's school system. Believe she will be hard to replace and the stability of our township's school will certainly be impacted with her leaving.This township has become a "hostile work environment" for school system employees.

  2. >Karen has worked very hard for our kids & this district, and she will be difficult to replace. If the info is correct about her taking a position with the state, now many more students can benefit from her knowledge & skill.

  3. >Obviously the last 2commentors do not have children in Middletown schools….:(

  4. >Anyone capable of reading the newspapers can understand what is happening in this township.Politics is not supposed to enter into the education process and BOE members take an oath regarding that requirement…..seems two BOE members,one newly elected and another seemly are not adhering to those principles.The recent track record of the politicians in this town clearly indicate they do not belong messing with the education of this townships children and there are ways to stop them from doing so if that becomes necessary….maybe it already has !

  5. >6:34 a.m.Which one of "BAM" are you ?

  6. >Kathy, I agree with you completely and know you have children in the school as do I.The residents in this town have short memories when it comes to superintendents. People who are informed know what a great job Karen has done under very difficult circumstances. It's a shame the critics out there don't realize that, but will when she's gone.I wish her the best.

  7. >Time has come for the parents in this community to rise up and take back control of your school system from the sleazy characters that are meddling with the education of your kids!All the TC wants is more dollars to waste (and lie about) on patronage and legal fees and BS, not the important things like the proper education of our youth.REMEMBER this in APRIL and in November of 2011. It comes down to principles and some of these politicians have none.

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