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>Latest Rumor From The School Yard; Has A Current Member Of The Middletown Board Of Education Been Order Removed From Board?

>Seeing how the last rumor from the school yard turned out to be true (the one about Middletown School Superintendent Karen Bilbao resigning), I think I should pass a long the latest rumor that I have recently heard.

It is one that I am a little leery to pass along at the moment because I haven’t been able to confirm it, all of those that I have contacted have denied knowledge of it, but due to the circumstances of the rumor, I don’t find it unusual that people are denying having any knowledge of it.

It is because of the sensitivity of this information that I need to be very careful about what I post and will not at this time, name those involved or what the particular circumstances are that surround those that are involved. I will only say that I trust the source that “leaked” the information to me, the source is extremely credible and I have no reason to doubt the source’s integrity. In time, when the information is made public knowledge everyone will know the details.

So what have I heard that needs to remain such a mystery and that is so sensitive that I can’t give many details at this moment? Well it happens to involve a sitting member of the Middletown Board of Education.

I have been told that earlier this year, a member of the BOE, had an ethics complaint filed against them with the NJ School Ethics Commission and from what I understand it is serious. So serious in fact, that the ethics commissioner on November 15th, ordered the removal of the of the board member from the Middletown Board of Eduction.

It is my understanding that the Middletown school board has 30 days from the time the decision was handed down to act upon it, which means that by the time of the next school board meeting Wednesday night December 15th, an announcement may be made. As of this moment however, no announcement has been made about this on either the NJ School Ethics Commission website or the NJ State Department of Education’s website, so the announcement may not be made until sometime in January.

Until the information about this school board member is posted on either website, spokespeople from each agency have said that they can not answer any of my questions relating to this issue. Neither agency would even comment as to whether or not this board of ed member even had a pending case or an ethics complaint filed against them.

So if this rumor is true, everyone will have to wait until later this month or sometime in early January to find out who may need to be removed from the Middletown Board of Education.


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