>APP Letter: Scharfenberger lied about his resume

>Just when you thought that the election of 2010 was behind us an interesting letter appeared in yesterdays Asbury Park Press.

The letter was written by Leonard Glickman of Middletown. In it he questions Gerry Scharfenberger’s reason for trying to keep his new State job (that Governor Christie handed to him on a sliver platter), quiet again.
This is an issue that seems as if it wont die, people are still talking about it more than a month after it became common public knowledge and what makes this even more interesting is that after doing a little research, it seems that Mr. Glickman is a registered Republican with no know Democratic affiliation, so people like Gerry and others who are affiliated with the Middletown GOP, can’t say Democrats in town are bringing up this issue, keeping it alive or are crying over the November election results. This is a Republican in town who is questioning this, no one else.
Here’s what he had to say:

The issue regarding Middletown Mayor Gerard Scharfenberger’s failing to mention his newly appointed job as director of New Jersey’s Office of Planning Advocacy when asked a direct question about his employment by a reporter during his re-election campaign is simple: He lied about his resume.

This is a significant offense. When anyone gets caught lying about his resume, severe repercussions almost always follow.

Why he lied, albeit through omission, is difficult to understand. After all, being appointed by the governor to such a position would seem to be a campaign plus.

By knowingly omitting this information, Scharfenberger exercised poor judgment. He must have been thinking only of himself, perhaps wrongly thinking he would be attacked for holding this job and therefore jeopardizing his re-election.

He certainly wasn’t doing Gov. Chris Christie any favors by not being entirely honest.

He has now become a liability for Christie. This kind of story doesn’t just fade away.

The Asbury Park Press may be right that Scharfenberger should resign from either the state job or as mayor.

Christie has demonstrated that he is on top of his administration, so it would not be surprising to read that he is discussing this with the mayor.

It is up to Middletown’s Township Committee to consider what it means for the township to be led by someone who put himself above all others (and then simply dismissed the issue as the story developed).

Leonard Glickman


If Mr. Glickman is thinking along these lines I wonder how many more are?


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6 responses to “>APP Letter: Scharfenberger lied about his resume

  1. >The caliber of republican serving today in Middletown makes a mockery of responsible government and they just don't seem to know any better.

  2. >I'm the letter writer and you are correct. I am a registered Republican and volunteered for Gov. Christie as part of media outreach. I had a letter supporting his election in the Independent. I had absolutely no agenda in writing this letter to APP about the mayor. I believe someone in public office should be beyond reproach. There is no gray on this issue. The mayor hid his appointment (it was posted to his bio on the town website well after the election), did not answer honestly when asked by the press about his employment, and has since continued to dig the proverbial hole. Had he been honest the first time or even expressed remorse or regret for having not answered forthrightly this would have passed. I hope the Township's leadership recognize that the mayor has lost the most important asset a political leader can have: credibility.

  3. >I am the letter writer and you are correct I am a registered Republican. I volunteered for Gov. Christie for media outreach (published in Independent). I had no agenda in writing the letter to APP. I simply believe that public office holders must be beyond reproach. The mayor hid this appointment (it wasn't published on his bio on the town website until after the election), was not honest when asked directly about his employment and he continues to dig the proverbial hole on this matter. I hope our political leadership recognizes the mayor's extreme poor judgement on this. It is indefensible.

  4. >Thank you Mr. Glickman for your response, I appreciate your honesty and integrity on this issue. I only wish there were others like you in todays Middletown GOP.

  5. >Thank you Mr. Glickman. Your honesty and willingness to put partisan politics aside and look at this issue objectively is quite refreshing.I too wish there were more of you in Middletown willing to speak out against wrong doing no matter which political party you belong to.The Mayor was clearly wrong and should be held accountable.

  6. >The Mayor and rest of the Republican majority are too arrogant to express any remorse or admit to wrong doing.They continue to intimidate and show disrespect to the residents in this town who dare disagree with them.Ever try and get a straight answer when asking a question? The double talk is enough to have your head spinning. Honesty is not one of the virtues exhibited by the current leadership.

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