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>Middletown Snow Plowing Update: State of Emergency Declared by the Governor; Local Emergency Declared by the Mayor

>I was just forwarded the following press release from Middletown Township, from what I have been told, it hasn’t been added to the Township website just yet but will be there shortly.

After reading it though, it just seems like an attempt at damage control. I haven’t been out in the car driving on the main streets, but from what neighbors have told me, many of the main streets are awful and almost impassable, Harmony Road and Rt 35 leading to Shoprite being one of them.

This release also seem to contradict what a neighbor also told me about the township workers begin sent home during clean- up efforts because the Township doesn’t want to spend anymore more on overtime:

Middletown Township Road Crews are continuing to battle one of the most severe snow storms in recent memory. Crews have been on the road working round the clock since 10:00 AM Sunday. Township crews, consisting of 40 plows and 6 front end loaders, supplemented by an additional 20-25 plows and 4 front end loaders belonging to private contractors will continue working all day through the night in hopes of reaching all streets by late Tuesday.

Road crews will generally prioritize main and arterial roads first, before getting into local residential streets and cul-de-sacs. Township plows must give top priority to clearing the way for first aid and fire emergencies during storms. So far there have been 269 fire and first aid emergency incidents in the last 36 hours and over 1200 emergency calls. Normal for this time period would be about 80 incidents.

Anyone who does not absolutely need to be on the road should remain at home as long as possible. The fewer cars on the road, the faster plow operators can complete their work. The sheer volume of the snow generated by this storm is far greater than we have seen in many years and therefore plowing is taking longer than usual. We do ask your patience in completing the plowing; we will get to all streets eventually.

Due to a tremendous call volume some calls will not go through. Emergency 911 calls should be limited to true medical and health emergencies.

Calls simply asking when your street will plowed will be difficult to answer, due to the magnitude of the situation we are facing, but again our goal is to reach all street’s at least one by midnight tonight.


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>Tuesday 12/28/10 @ 12:10 PM – Still No Snow Plows!

>Well, it’s Tuesday afternoon and there still has been no snowplows that have come down my local streets.

I took a few pictures of what some of the streets look like, it isn’t pretty and could be considered a safety hazard if anyone happened to become sick or disabled or if there were a some other kind of emergency like a fire.
As I was walking taking pictures, I stopped to talk to a couple of neighbors, each of whom expressed concerns over the condition of the roads, not just in the neighborhood, but all around town. One neighbor even mentioned that a friend of his that works for the Township, told him that the DPW sent people home last night ~ 3:00am because they didn’t want to pay anymore overtime to the people plowing the streets. If that is true, than the person who made that decision needs to get over here himself and start plowing these streets.

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