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>APP Letter: Who’s running show in Middletown?

>It’s just not me complaining about the “Snow Job” that we have received courtesy of our town, others are complaining as well. The following letter to the editor appears in today’s online edition of the Asbury Park Press:

The Middletown Department of Public Works knew well in advance of the snowstorm that hit on Sunday. Yet, it’s Monday night at 9:15 p.m., and my street, Melrose Terrace, has yet to see one plow. I spoke to friends who work for the Department of Public Works, and they say that they are all home and all plowing is contracted out.

Who is in charge? I’ve been trying to call all day and just get voice mail.

As a worker for a power company, I have to get to work or my job is in jeopardy — no excuses.

I also have a daughter with autism and if we had an emergency it would take hours for EMTs to get here, if not days.

Where’s the mayor? I’ll bet his street is plowed. Neither he nor anyone on his staff is answering the phone. I’ve lived in Middletown for 48 years and I never thought I would say this but I think it’s time to move out of this state.

Patrick McGuire


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>Just Curious – What Gave Mayor Gerry The Authority To Declare A Local Emergency?

>I have been thinking about this all night and I’m really curious, who or what gave Mayor Gerry the authority to declare a local emergency in Middletown yesterday and what type of “Power” did this give him?

What penalties could residents have expected if they were found to be in violation of Gerry’s “State of Emergency”?

I understand that this was just another grandstanding incident by Gerry Scharfenberger attempting to make it seem that he was in charge. But I am serious, what could have happened under this circumstance? Is there anything in the Town Charter that allows the acting mayor to declare a local state of emergency and if so what powers are provided at the time of declaration?

Further more, was it really nessasary to declare a local state of emergency when an actual State of Emergency was already declared by acting Governor Stephen Sweeney?
Obviously, Gerry’s declaration was nothing more than grandstanding and purely symbolic and had no real teeth, otherwise many of those driving around town Monday and Tuesday would have been stopped by the police and either issued summonses or had their vehicles confiscated

If someone has time to find out answers to the above, I would be interested in hearing them.


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>FYI – I Just Got Home From Work And My Streets Have Not Been Plowed Yet.

>I just pulled into the driveway a short while ago after working all night, why is it that I am not surprised to see that none of the streets in my neighborhood have been touched by a snow plow?

I thought that Gerry Scharfenberger issued a statement saying that by midnight of last night the goal was to have at least all the streets in town plowed at least once?
So far the only street that looks like it had been touched overnight was Main St., which is a thoroughfare and should have been plowed and salted to being with for safety purposes.
Like most of what Gerry declares, his statement was nothing more than a blast hot air, but unfortunately for residents, that hot air can’t be used to plow or melt all the snow in the streets.


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