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>New Feature – Crime Scene, Middletown

>As of today I will be adding a new feature to the MiddletownMike blog that I will call “Crime Scene, Middletown”.

After hearing many complain about the lack of information available to residents about crime being committed in the neighborhoods of Middletown, I went down to Police Headquarters and asked to be placed on the email list for press releases issued by the department.
Today, I received my first two press releases from Detective Lieutenant Stephen F. Dollinger, who oversees the Township’s Detective Bureau.
The first release announces the arrest of suspect Dustin Jeardon, Atlantic Street, Keyport for burglary and theft to a home located on Wilson Avenue in Port Monmouth.

The second press release details the motor vehicle stop of Rachel Goldberg, age 19, from Riverside Avenue in Red Bank. Goldberg attempted to flee the scene after being stopped. Her vehicle was pursued until it was stopped in the parking lot of the Visiting Nurse Association in Red Bank. Goldberg was placed under arrest for eluding. A search of the vehicle revealed a small purse which contained marijuana and a pipe used for smoking marijuana. After begin processed and released on her own recognizance.

You can read each of the press releases below:

Burglary Suspect in Custody

Middletown – A Keyport man is incarcerated in Union County jail for burglaries committed in Union County and Middletown Township.

Middletown Det Laurence Schachtel developed Dustin Jeandron, age 27, Atlantic Street, Keyport, as a suspect in a burglary and theft which occurred on October 29, 2010 to a home located on Wilson Avenue in Port Monmouth. Det. Schachtel signed complaints against Jeandron and Middletown Police have been actively seeking Jeadron.

Jeandron was arrested December 22, 2010 by Cranford and Clark Police Detectives during the course of committing a burglary in Union County. He is currently being held in Union County jail on a total of $90,000 bail.

Police are continuing their investigation to determine whether Jeandron may be responsible for other burglaries committed in the Middletown area.

Woman Arrested After Fleeing Scene

– On December 26, 2010 at approximately 1:10am Sgt. Sean Sweeney was on patrol on Highway 35 when he stopped a vehicle, driven by Rachel Goldberg, age 19, from Riverside Avenue in Red Bank, for motor vehicle violations.

After obtaining Goldberg’s driving credentials Sgt. Sweeney was in the process of issuing summonses when Goldberg began to flee the scene in her vehicle. Sgt. Sweeney pursued the vehicle until it was stopped in the parking lot of the Visiting Nurse Association in Red Bank. At this point Goldberg was placed under arrest for eluding.

A search of Goldberg by Officer Heather Pusylski of the Red Bank Police Department, who had arrived as back up, revealed a small purse which contained a green vegetation which Sgt. Sweeney recognized as marijuana and a glass pipe used for smoking marijuana.

Goldberg was transported to police headquarters where she was charged with eluding, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was also issued motor vehicle summonses for a provisional license violation, careless driving, improper passing, failing to change address on license and possession of a controlled dangerous substance in a vehicle.

Goldberg was processed and released on her own recognizance.


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>FYI – Tuesday’s Middletown Tax Lien Sale Went On Despite Snow Emergency

>For those that my be interested in knowing (as I was), Tuesday’s tax lien sale in Middletown happened as planned despite the snow emergency that was declared by our Mayor.

So while residents were busy trying to get out of their driveways and streets in order to get to work on time or make it out for bread and milk, Town Hall was plowed clean and was accessible to those that braved the elements to participate in the sale.
I was told that the sale went well but didn’t finish until after 5 pm due to the conditions outside. Evidently the sale started a little late but went on without a hitch afterwards. I didn’t ask how much was collected but the woman I spoke to said that they were happy with the outcome.
So the moral to the story as they say is “The show must go on”.
It doesn’t matter whether or not streets are plowed or basic services are provided for the safety of area residents. What matters is as long as the Town gets it’s share of the pie, nothing else matters.
Maybe the tax sale could have been postponed for a day or so and those resources used to clear out Town Hall, could have been better utilized digging the Town out from under all the snow.


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>It’s Official As Far As I’m Concerned; I’m Done Shoveling!

>It’s only taken 4 days, but as far as I’m concerned, I am done with shoveling. The last bit of snow that need to be shoveled was covering the sidewalks in front of my house.

It took about two hours to shovel close to 3oo hundred feet of sidewalk, but it is now over and done with until the next storm, which I hope wont be anytime soon.
Status report on the condition of the streets through out my neighborhood is that the streets are doing better. It now seems that the town snow plows have gone through the streets of the development at least once. I am hoping that they can make it back for a second pass soon, there is still an awful lot of snow that needs to be pushed off to the side in order to widen roads for safer passage.

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