>What Else Did Our Outgoing Mayor Have To Say Yesterday?

>So what else did Gerry Scharfenberger have to say yesterday at the Township’s reorganization meeting? Well, in typical Scharfenberger style he patted himself on the back for a the great job that he did as mayor as the Town faced enormous challenges brought on by the state of the economy and ongoing recession.

He also took time to kiss the ass of his benefactor, Governor Chris Christie, who appointed him to the position of Director for the Office Planning Advocacy back in August, by making sure that everyone in the room know that Christie is the greatest gift to Middletown since the appearance of sliced bread.

There is more if you want to hear it for yourself, the audio clip runs about 7 minutes and includes everything I mentioned above and then some.



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3 responses to “>What Else Did Our Outgoing Mayor Have To Say Yesterday?

  1. >Sharfey may think Christie is the greatest thing since sliced bread but many people think they both are nothing but ego inflated windbags full of hot air.

  2. >That copy of Money Magazine must be getting pretty frayed by now.When it comes to snow jobs, the Mayor is much better at dishing it out than cleaning it up. Driving from Keansburg toward Middletown, the difference in the side streets was stark- as soon as you hit Middletown, it was slipping and sliding time. Luckily for us, Mother Nature came to the rescue in the end.

  3. >Not Snow….freaking DONKEY DUNG !!!!

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