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>Middletown Does A Nice Job At Clearing Away The Snow This Time

>There are times that I may or may not be to quick to criticize others for the jobs that they do or things that they say and at times I am criticized for not giving others credit when credit is do them. So today, after last nights snow fall, I am happy to pass out a little praise to those that deserve it.

Many in Middletown caught a lot of flack for days after the blizzard of December 26th stuck the area by those who were trapped in their homes for days, unable to get out of the driveways or streets because the roads had not been plowed.
Today however is a different story.
Before I went to bed last night, I posted on this blog that 3 plows in less than 20 minutes made it down the streets near my house. It was a good sign to me that I had nothing to worry about in morning when I awoke. If township snow plows were out in force before I went to bed then at least there was a very good chance that I and others, would make it out of our house and off to work if necessary (luckily I was off today and slept in).
When I did venture out o the house today to shovel my driveway and sidewalks I was happy yo see that Main St. up to Harmony Ave and down to Palmer Ave was clear to the pavement and the side streets, while not clear to the pavement, were 100% better that the last storm.
Good job Middletown DPW, but don’t let this go to your heads. There is a lot of winter left and another storm is said to be heading our way.
So be ready, we’re watching you!


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On January 11, 2011 at approximately 2:45 pm police received a call from the Kohls Department Store reporting a shoplifting that had just occurred. The store reported that there were two suspects, a male and female, that had fled the area in a black Kia. The subjects fled the store when approached by security, leaving the stolen items, electric toothbrushes and razors, in a shopping cart.

Patrolman John Mele and Corporal George Freibott located the vehicle travelling south on Highway 35 near Apple Farm Road, a short distance from the store. The officers stopped the vehicle and arrested Karen Usher, age 37, and Thomas Quercio, age 55, both from Monmouth Drive in Deal, NJ. Both subjects were transported to police headquarters.

Quercio was charged with Conspiracy to commit shoplifting and was processed and released on a summons pending his court date.

Usher was charged with Shoplifting and Conspiracy to commit shoplifting. She was also arrested on three Contempt warrants out of Asbury Park Municipal Court and a Contempt of court warrant out of Neptune Municipal Court with a bail totaling $1,571.00. Judge Richard Thompson set the bail for the Shoplifting charge at $3,500.00. She was held on $5,071.00 total bail with no 10% option.

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On January 11, 2011 at approximately 6:05 pm police received a call from the Sears store, located on Highway 35 in Middletown, reporting a subject who had just shoplifted clothing from the store and then fled in a vehicle. The description of the vehicle, including the plate number, was provided to patrol units.

Patrolman Jason Caruso ran the plate number which came back to a residence on Ohio Avenue in Middletown. He responded to the area and located the vehicle being driven on Fielding Avenue, a nearby street. Patrolman Caruso attempted to stop the vehicle but it refused to stop. He pursued the vehicle through a series of streets until it finally came to a stop on Ohio Avenue.

Upon approaching the vehicle Officer Caruso observed a pile of clothing on the rear seat which had been stolen from the store. He placed the driver, Courtney Moran, age 34, from Carr Avenue in Keansburg, NJ, under arrest. While searching Moran incident to the arrest he located a clear cigarette wrapper in an open pocket of her wallet containing a green vegetation which Caruso recognized as marijuana.

Moran was transported to police headquarters where she was charged with Shoplifting, Eluding police, Possession of under 50 grams of marijuana and numerous motor vehicle violations. Moran was held on $25,000.00 bail with no 10% option set by Judge Richard Thompson.

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>The First Issue of "It’s Your Town" Newsletter for The 2011 Is Now Available For Reading

>Volume 3, issue 1 of “It’s Your Town” newsletter has been published and available online for all that wish to read it. This is the first issue of the newsletter for 2011 and as always is very informative.

The first meeting of the year for the Township Committee was Reorganization day and took place on January 2,2011. Candidates that won the election in November were sworn in and the Committee elected the new mayor and deputy mayor. All political appointees were voted on also, although many of them were not in attendance for thier swearing in.

As always it should be noted the newsletter is not an official transcript of Township meetings, it is written by Don Watson who takes notes and writes as much as he can while the
meeting is taking place. It is extremely accurate and is the next best thing to being there in person (that is of course until the Township decides to broadcast their meetings on public access TV).

Another alternative to the newsletter that is available to residents, are the actual Township recordings of the meetings. In order to receive a copy of the recording, an OPRA request must be submitted to the Township Clerk and individuals must pay an accompanying fees that are associated with the request.
So seeing that filing OPRA requests after each township meeting my not be your thing to do, reading the newsletter is the only true way of staying informed about what is going on down at Middletown’s Town Hall.
You can read the newsletter >>>> Here

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>1:00 AM; 3rd Snow Plow in 12 Minutes Makes It’s Way Down The Street

>Well that didn’t take too long, seems that the Township just might have this storm under control.

The 3rd snow plow in just 12 minutes has made its way down the street. I am not going to get to excited but it does seem that snow removal is way ahead of schedule based on the last snow storm.
Here’s hoping that the people plowing the streets tonight keep up the good work and not plow in my driveway to badly (I don’t have a snow blower, remember).
I think that I my be able to rest easily tonight.

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>12:48 AM – First Snow Plow Makes It’s Way Down Main St.

>It’s 12:48 am Wednesday morning and it has been approximately 4.5 hours since the snow began falling. I would conservatively say there is 3-4 inches of snow on the ground at this point.

I am glad to report that the first snow plow has just made it’s way down Main St. just outside of my house, so far a marked improvement from last storm that hit on December 26th.
How long will it be before a snow plow returns to clear side streets in front of my house and around the neighborhood?

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On January 8, 2011 at approximately 2: 25 pm Patrolman Robert Mc Nair was on patrol on Wilson Avenue when he stopped a vehicle being operated with a brake light out. While stopping the car, Officer Mc Nair observed the front seat passenger bend forward and attempt to hide something under the front seat.

Upon approaching the vehicle, being operated by a seventeen year old juvenile, Patrolman Mc Nair observed what he recognized as loose marijuana on the jacket of the passenger, also a seventeen year old juvenile. The officer asked the passenger to exit the vehicle at which point he observed a grey nylon bag laying on the floor. Closer examination of the bag revealed a sandwich bag which held seven smaller baggies which all contained a green vegetation which Officer Mc Nair recognized as marijuana, a metal grinder used to prepare marijuana for smoking, and a glass pipe used to smoke marijuana.

Both juveniles were placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters where they were each charged with Possession of under 50 grams of marijuana. The juveniles were processed and released to their parents.

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