>Middletown Does A Nice Job At Clearing Away The Snow This Time

>There are times that I may or may not be to quick to criticize others for the jobs that they do or things that they say and at times I am criticized for not giving others credit when credit is do them. So today, after last nights snow fall, I am happy to pass out a little praise to those that deserve it.

Many in Middletown caught a lot of flack for days after the blizzard of December 26th stuck the area by those who were trapped in their homes for days, unable to get out of the driveways or streets because the roads had not been plowed.
Today however is a different story.
Before I went to bed last night, I posted on this blog that 3 plows in less than 20 minutes made it down the streets near my house. It was a good sign to me that I had nothing to worry about in morning when I awoke. If township snow plows were out in force before I went to bed then at least there was a very good chance that I and others, would make it out of our house and off to work if necessary (luckily I was off today and slept in).
When I did venture out o the house today to shovel my driveway and sidewalks I was happy yo see that Main St. up to Harmony Ave and down to Palmer Ave was clear to the pavement and the side streets, while not clear to the pavement, were 100% better that the last storm.
Good job Middletown DPW, but don’t let this go to your heads. There is a lot of winter left and another storm is said to be heading our way.
So be ready, we’re watching you!


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3 responses to “>Middletown Does A Nice Job At Clearing Away The Snow This Time

  1. >I'm also glad that a robo call was made to warn residents about the storm and not to drive.The Township didn't do that until 2 days after the storm last time when it was obvious that there was a problem with plowing. That was irresponsible and a disgrace.Someone is finally using some common sense.

  2. >You got a robo call? I'm jealous

  3. >Could some common sense finally be a small improvement happening in this township ??Certainly hope so as politics has been first and foremost for far too long !! It has absolutely no place in these situations !!

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