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>Middletown’s Evil Clown Turns 55 Today; Big Birthday Bash Planned

Anyone who has driven up or down Route 35 in Middletown is familiar without the now famous and iconic roadside attraction that has become know as the “Evil” Clown of Middletown.

The clown has been featured in movies like Kevin Smith’s “Clerks 2” and Phillip Botti’s “Middletown“, in books and magazines such as Roadside America and Weird NJ. It even has it’s own Facebook , Myspace and Wikipedia pages.
I am sure that when the Calico (his real name) the Clown was first erected 55 years ago today, it’s owners, the Azzolina family, never thought that it would become a part of pop culture the way it has.
I was told by John Azzolina, the son of Food Circus Super Markets founder Joseph Azzolina, that Calico was designed by Leslie W. Thomas, who was a graphic design artist with Road Ad Sign Company.
Mr. Thomas, who died in 2003 at the age of 90, is famous for creating another more famous Jersey Shore icon, Asbury Park’s famous face “Tillie”, which he painted on the side of the old Palace Amusements building back in 1955.
So, in honor of of “Evil”‘s 55th birthday, the Azzolina family is planning a little birthday bash for their clown with a public gathering for all to attend at 12:00pm today. The party will take place at right in front of Calico, with birthday cake and refreshments being served.
You can read the press release >>> Here

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>It’s Your Town – Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 2- 1/13/11

It was only about a week and the Township Committee met again. This meeting was scheduled to be held on Tuesday, January 18 but had to be rescheduled for Thursday, January 13 for some reason.

It was a very short meeting, lasting only 35 minutes. There was not much discussion and the comments were mostly about snow removal. One thing out of the ordinary did take place however and deserves some future discussion.

Our new mayor, Tony Fiore, requested that those that wished to address the Committee must first sign a “contact” sheet before commenting.
This is something new and runs contrary to resolution 11-54 which was adopted on Re-Org day. The resolution outlines standing rules for the running of meetings and is passed every year.

You can read the newsletter >>> Here


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