>It’s Your Town – Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 2- 1/13/11

It was only about a week and the Township Committee met again. This meeting was scheduled to be held on Tuesday, January 18 but had to be rescheduled for Thursday, January 13 for some reason.

It was a very short meeting, lasting only 35 minutes. There was not much discussion and the comments were mostly about snow removal. One thing out of the ordinary did take place however and deserves some future discussion.

Our new mayor, Tony Fiore, requested that those that wished to address the Committee must first sign a “contact” sheet before commenting.
This is something new and runs contrary to resolution 11-54 which was adopted on Re-Org day. The resolution outlines standing rules for the running of meetings and is passed every year.

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11 responses to “>It’s Your Town – Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 2- 1/13/11

  1. >Perhaps Moddletown's newest mayor should go on the websie "USINFO.STATE.GOV and read the article "Pinciples of Democracy…..It's about time the individuals who serve in government in this community learn something about government and the responsibilities of elected officials in a democratic society. That goes also for the legal help who should be experts in the law but arrogance seems to exceed expertise in that arena.This is a community of nearly 68,000 to 70,000 residents and "democracy rests upon the principals of majority rule,coupled with individual and minority rights. All democracies,while respecting the will of the majority,zealously protect the fundamental rights of individuals and minority groups".In recent years government in Middletown has come to ignore those principals and dictatorship might be a word that could be used to describe government in this township.

  2. >Maybe the township is doing what the Freeholders do. They require people who want to speak to sign in. I don't think they ask for contact info., but it does help organize the meetings better.

  3. >Anon 12:51That would al be well and good if they notified the public of the change in protocol, but the Township has not.Resolution 11-54 (Standing Rules) which was adopted at this years Re-Org meeting make no mention of this change.What happens if people do not wish to leave their contact information; Are they not allowed to speak?More clarification is needed.

  4. >But the Freeholders treat the public with a great deal of respect and always have and that does not often happen in Middletown. Especially when a resident takes issue with what transpires in this town. Fiore's attitude that he does not answer to the public (Sharfey's attitude was the same) is a problem and the rest are not much better !! It would be a refreshing change for some of the decorum seen at Freeholder meetings to also take place in this town….some of us are sick of the obnoxious behavior of some of the Middletown Township Republican committee persons and their hired help….sick to death of the lot of them !The Freeholders always ask if anyone else would like to speak before closing the floor to the public. It will take time to see just what the intent in this township will be but this resident has learned to never trust the Republicans in this town anymore . They rule by intimidation, generating fear of retaliation and currently could not prove they are trustworthy….too many of their actions demonstrate just how lacking they can be .. and they do not instill confidence in their integrity. The people's confidence must be earned.

  5. >It's a pleasure to go to a Freeholder's meeting. They do treat you with respect and don't talk out of both sides of their mouth.This change is just another form of intimidation. It's laughable when the majority say they hope and urge people to participate in meetings, but do everything they can to keep the public misinformed when there are changes to meeting times and dates.They don't even post the changes on the township's web site.Actions speak louder than words.

  6. >Government in Middletown today is a disgrace. It was not too many years ago when we could respect those who served….NOT ANYMORE !!Civility has been dead in this town for several years now and currently there's not much hope it will get better, NONE !

  7. >The Freeholders also let members of the public speak for another 5minutes after everyone has had the oportunity to speak. They will go around the room until everyone has said all they need to say.

  8. >Speaking of organization….the six on the dais is contrary to what has been normal in this township for all years past. Only five members comprise the elected body.That lawyer was not elected to the township committee and the obtrusive manner he displays even misleads the reporters. They have reported he even votes which would be illegal.This mayor should realize it's time to clean up what really needs correction and that is the conduct of committee persons elected to Middletown's Township Commmittee…..Treading on this town's citizens must stop and some respect for the voters who elected you must occur or the time may have come when the American Civil Liberty Union should spent some time in this community.

  9. >Asking residents to sign the book so that the clerk can correctly identify them for the record. Wow that new mayor sure is a tyrant.

  10. >Anon 9:29Is that the intent, If so why wasn't it explained that way?In Middletown's system of governance the mayor does not have the authority to act unilaterally to impose any rule changes or limits at meetings.A resolution must be presenteed and adopted before changes to the standing rules that govern meetings can be changed. That has not happened.

  11. >Condescension,arrogance,disdainful,disrespectful and outright obnoxious are appropriate adjectives to describe a few of those who serve in this town today.Don't like the description,change your conduct! Maybe you can then earn the respect of all the residents in this town,not just that of your political cronies.Nobody admires anyone who can't tell the truth,who bends the rules, is willing to cheat to win,…..

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