>Daily Show Video: Petty Woman

>On last nights episode of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart totally dismantled and took apart Monday night’s Sarah Palin interview with Sean Hannity on his program at Fox News. As usual it is a must see.

“Sarah Palin makes a miraculous recovery after being unfairly linked to the Tucson shootings. Credit for Sarah Palin’s recovery from being unfairly linked to the Tucson shootings has to go to her nurse, Sean Hannity.”

SPetty Woman

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3 responses to “>Daily Show Video: Petty Woman

  1. >I am a republican who would never vote for Sarah Palin. She should move over and let the serious condidates (like Romney) campaign. Her involvement in the primary will hurt the chances of ANY Republican mounting a serious challenge to Obama. By the way, loved the large increase in federal income tax witholdings that I saw on my first paystub (sarcasm).

  2. >Love the Daily Show so much. J-Stew is more a journalist than about 90% of the talking muppet heads on TV could ever hope to be. At my job at DISH Network I'm on the early shift so I never get to watch his show at night but I DVR every single one and then watch them at work on my lunch break. Today for example, I used DISH's TV Everywhere app on my iphone and watched last night's Daily Show while eating my lunch. I would like to see Palin on the Daily Show but I seriously doubt she would ever have the guts to show up.

  3. >Sarah Palin's poll numbers have continued to drop. I'm tired of hearing about her. She is not a credible candidate and mainly spews off to rally her dwindling base.

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