>Video:Town Hall Crowd Cheers On Man Confronting GOP Rep Over Repealing Health Care

>I think that before the Republicans in Congress had voted to repeal the health care law, they should have watched this video first.

It shows a Town Hall meeting where a Republican Congressman from Ohio, Jim Renacci, is confronted by an audience member asking him if the Republicans in Congress intended to repeal the newly enacted health care law, what did they have to replace it with?

Congressman Renacci had no answer and tried to deflect the question by stating how the law was a “jobs killer”. When this was disputed by the questioner Renacci stated that he knew of 3 or 4 people that had lost their job because of it.

He didn’t give a very convincing argument for repeal and this just goes to show Republicans are not concerned for the average Americans well being. They really on care about the corporate well being of big business.


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3 responses to “>Video:Town Hall Crowd Cheers On Man Confronting GOP Rep Over Repealing Health Care

  1. >Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson also were condemned for the Social Security and Medicare Programs as Obama has been condemned for the Health Care Bill.Wonder how many of the ridiculous Republicans in this country want to give up their Social Security and Medicare,the two programs that protect the masses regardless of political affiliation. It's about time people thought about much of this before they act against these programs. How many people actually plan for their retirements,save their money and can take care of themselves in their old age without these mandated programs. NOT ENOUGH and that goes for all people regardless of their politics.A good deal of the rhetoric is asinine..purely asinine nonsense and does not deal with the realities.

  2. >Obama's approval rating has risen 8 points to 53%. The rhetoric has finally quieted down, and people are seeing his health care reform bill is not a government health care program. In fact it's far from it.The truth is finally seeing the light of day.The Republicans in congress are now eating their words and claiming responsibility for the economy turning around. Time to jump on the band wagon.

  3. >It is true by anonymous about republicans. From Sen. McCain who posted his income tax returns with almost every year with a joint income of over $6 million he takes his over $20,000 in Social Security. And he never ever gives up his fight how the Socila Security system is broken.Some how the favorite republican "Means Testing" where the rich get less or nothing does not apply to him.Feel free to google this if you do not beleive me.As a baby boomer who has paid for the entitlements of social security my whole life, never earned over $106,000 so I didn't have to pay for social security and for medicare for decades it is an insult!P.S. the U.S. did not go bankrupt over either program as the republicans cried back then.Nor has the republicans done little to prosecute the fraud in social security and medicare.Plus be happy Pres. Bush did not get Social Security payments diverted to Wall Street where it would have almost lost everything in the crashes!

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