>Governor Christie To Hold Town Hall Meeting In Middletown On Wednesday

>According to a post on Redbankgreen.com

Governor Christie will be holding a Town Hall Meeting in Middletown next Wednesday, January 26th. The meeting will take place at the Port Monmouth VFW on Hwy 36 and will begin around 11 am.

According to Redbankgreen, the meeting is free and open to the public. It is expected that 300 or more people will show up to hear what the Governor has to say.


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5 responses to “>Governor Christie To Hold Town Hall Meeting In Middletown On Wednesday

  1. >Great, 11:00 am, so I will just leave work and go listen for a while. Oh wait, I can't just leave work. Who will be there?

  2. >Worth going as long as the former mayor goes to work in Trenton on Wednesday. Wouldn't want to watch more asinine rhetoric and this Governor better bring his "listening ears" for a change and watch his mouth when he picks on our educators…. his rhetoric stinks…to high heaven….pick on the cops for a change. Talk about greedy cops or greedy politicians instead of greedy teachers. Then actions will speak louder than words when he finally gets his show in motion. So far lots of talk not much in results.

  3. >Oh please – enough with the poor educators. I send e-mails and leave messages to teachers at Middletown High School North and go days, sometimes weeks without getting a response. I can't have a conference in the aftenoon because they are running for the parking lot before the senior class…they deserve a dose of reality and I hope Christie keeps the pressure on! Isn't it odd that you never see turn-over in the amongst the teachers like you do in other trades…know why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE IT TOO DAMN EASY! THAT'S WHY! The gravy train needs to come to an end!

  4. >I'm tired of paying for my benefits, my family's benefits, and the benefits of the teachers. Everyone else has to pay their way why don't the teachers? Do you realize how much our taxes would drop if those benefits weren't included? Didn't I hear somewhere that we spend approximately $500k each month in benefits alone? Tenure after three years! Give me a break! We need teachers – but we need respectable teachers. Teachers that care about the kids and parents that work with them. For the teachers: Do the job you went to school for. Love the job you went to school for. And use your salary to pay your own way and lighten our burden a bit. You are no higher up on the pedestal than the rest of us.

  5. >All these blow hards assaulting teachers need to get in touch with the real world. NOBODY works for nothing especially when parents today expect teachers to do the parents' job of parenting besides educating the kids of today. Teachers are entitled to fair wages and benefits and the nitwit politicians all know this.Buying votes was the name of the game that resulted in the benefit atrocities we are paying for. KICK THE A$$ES of the greedy,self serving A$$hole politicians to get the job job and stop feathering their own nests.In the real world there is no such thing as reimbursement for sick days un-used,the private sector contributes or pays for health benefits and vacation time off is used or lost not paid for at a future pay rate. The cops are the worst offenders….talk about system milkers….they are the hungriest calves of all public employees. Them and the double dipping politicians.The pay scale for cops is also outrageous too and in the town I live in they hardly work for their wages.Start to look at the real picture before abusing the people that TEACH your kids.BTW.am not a teacher or an employee in the public sector. Worked for a living in one of the largest corporations in this world and salary and benefits were realistic. The rest was up to the employee….

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