>APP Video: Christie tells Middletown audience NJ needs fiscal discipline, reform

>As I mentioned earlier, I couldn’t attend today’s Town Hall meeting with Governor Christie in Middletown this morning so i am glad to see that the Asbury Park Press posted this video on-line a short while ago along with their report on the event.

The video portrays an exchange between a police officer who says that he can’t afford to pay for a third of his healthcare and pension costs when all he received in his paycheck after his most recent raise was a $4 increase in his take home pay, and the governor who told the officer that the State and local municipalities can no longer afford to provide cadillac benefit packages to public workers.

On a side note:

It’s nice to see so many dignitaries sitting int he front row behind the Governor. There were State Assemblymen Sam Thompson and Declan O’Scanlon, Monmouth County Freeholder John Curley, former Highlands Mayor Anna Little, Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre, members of Middletown’s Township committee and the State’s Director of the Office For Planning Advocacy Gerry Scharfenberger! Who must have taken time off from his busy schedule to attend today’s festivities on the tax payers dime. It’s a good thing that his boss was there to keep an eye on him, to make sure that his time off was justified and not an undue burden to us taxpayer that pay his salary.


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11 responses to “>APP Video: Christie tells Middletown audience NJ needs fiscal discipline, reform

  1. >What was Scharfenberger doing in Port Monmouth when he is employed in government in Trenton? Is he now a bodyguard for Christie ? He (Sharfey) is not mayor anymore either !!!If bullshit was money they would both be rich,huh ???

  2. >Just watched a good portion of the meeting and was impressed only with the teacher who asked if she should move. Otherwise, this sounded like the typical Christie union-bashing fest, met with enthusiastic clapping from the "dignitaries" in the front row who themselves have what Christie likes to call the "Cadillac" health plans. I'm embarassed to live a town filled with so many selfish and small minded people.

  3. >Anon 3:53,I couldn't agree more.

  4. >If anything should wake up the people in this state regarding this governor,it's the appointments he has made. Sadly lacking qualification in many instances…..totally lacking in regard to integrity of some of the chosen individuals. Christopher Christie is no better than those who preceded him. IT"S ALL ABOUT PARTY POLITICS !!!Nothing has changed and it won't until he stops rewarding HIS political cronies and shows some self discipline when making choices.Political hacks are not a sound basis for good government and never have been,regardless of party affiliation.

  5. >If these problems aren't addressed, what is going to happen? Maybe some of what I just saw on the Federal Level … a 12% increase in my federal tax withholdings that came though in my 1st January paycheck. Thanks, Obama!

  6. >One politician tells the truth and they crawl out of the woodwork like cockroaches blaming the one guy who tells it like it really is. Why not blame the politicians before him who ruined this state. But it is too easy to blame Christie. Where was Sweeney and Oliver (who not so shockingly has sons on the NJT Police Department) when Sharpe James, Senator Bryant and others robbed the system and Sweeney and Oliver both knew it the whole time. But let Christie dare to stand up and give a true picture of the devastating effects of hack politicians and greedy unions by these supposed entrenched political leaders and the finger pointing begins. Finger pointing in all the wrong directions of course.

  7. >One has only to read the book,"The Soprano State" by Bob Ingle and Sandy Mc Clure, to realize lousy politicians are not limited to any particular party. Both parties have had lousy,self serving governors and representatives and senators and public employees and appointees in this state's government. It's is rare to find any politicians who is squeaky clean…none of them are, regardless of political affiliation. It is rare to find a "public servant" as most are self serving and self interested individuals. To think otherwise, is naive !Seems transparency under this governor is no better than any (all of them) of the previous governors of New Jersey. It's all about politics.ladies and gentlemen.and never forget that. It always has been and it always will be !Rhetoric and ignoring the facts will change none of what's wrong in government today.That will take honesty,integrity and principles. So far, not apparent in some of this governor's choices to date.

  8. >Since when does Obama bashing have anything to do with Christie's actions regarding improving N.J. besides being "uncivil" party bashing. Here's rebutall George Bush did nothing for N.J.and not much for the U.S.A. either except get us into an unnecessary war,ruin our economy,completely deplete a surplus and blame everyone but himself.. What a waste.Seems the poster at 10:23 am is one of the "brainwashed" to believe everything is a democrat's fault. Get real….it's any lousy politician and it matters not that politician's party affiliation! They are all to be held responsible,the whole lot of them,both republicans and democrats.The woodwork hides all these "cockroaches" from both parties.

  9. >Speaking of "not so shockingly" -one of the town's loudest bashers of public employees is now one herself. The good governor, not so shockingly, has once again rewarded a synchophant with a little slice of public pie. There's always a little room at the feeding trough when it's your snout in the corn.

  10. >Poster 1/29 at 11:13 p.m.,You are absolutely right and believe "put the blame" 1/28 at 10:22a.m. is that very hypocritical basher of all democrats….you know who ,the one with the vicious mouth and the nickname "cheerleader".

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