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>Reassessment On Tonight’s Agenda In Middletown

>If you’re like me and the many others township residents that I have spoken to, than you also have received your property tax reassessment notification in the mail recently. From what I have determined, Realty Appraisal has been sending out notification of new property assessments to residents over the past two weeks.

As a result of this, part of tonight’s agenda for the Middletown Township Committee meeting will be to discuss the status of the recent reassessment (which I have no doubt has been completed by now).

For those that do not know, Reality Appraisal is the same company the Township paid over $2M to conduct the less than stellar property tax revaluation 2 years ago. This recent attempt at reassessment has cost the taxpayers of Middletown an additional $400K.

So armed with these new assessment figures, I would suspect that the Township Committee will be discussing what the new tax rate should be based on tonight. Or, better yet, I would think that the Township Committee should be producing a budget to present.

If the Committee would present an outline of the budget then a somewhat accurate tax rate can be formulated and taxpayers could be informed of what they need to pay to keep Middletown operating for 2011.

After all, we are 2 months into the year and the Township has already appropriated $25,131,237.13 including the resolution that will be voted on tonight for another $646,709.00 in emergency appropriations.


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