>Reassessment On Tonight’s Agenda In Middletown

>If you’re like me and the many others township residents that I have spoken to, than you also have received your property tax reassessment notification in the mail recently. From what I have determined, Realty Appraisal has been sending out notification of new property assessments to residents over the past two weeks.

As a result of this, part of tonight’s agenda for the Middletown Township Committee meeting will be to discuss the status of the recent reassessment (which I have no doubt has been completed by now).

For those that do not know, Reality Appraisal is the same company the Township paid over $2M to conduct the less than stellar property tax revaluation 2 years ago. This recent attempt at reassessment has cost the taxpayers of Middletown an additional $400K.

So armed with these new assessment figures, I would suspect that the Township Committee will be discussing what the new tax rate should be based on tonight. Or, better yet, I would think that the Township Committee should be producing a budget to present.

If the Committee would present an outline of the budget then a somewhat accurate tax rate can be formulated and taxpayers could be informed of what they need to pay to keep Middletown operating for 2011.

After all, we are 2 months into the year and the Township has already appropriated $25,131,237.13 including the resolution that will be voted on tonight for another $646,709.00 in emergency appropriations.


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3 responses to “>Reassessment On Tonight’s Agenda In Middletown

  1. >take a look at the tax appeals and the amount of refunds the town has to and will have to pay. ATT, 2.2 million, 480 red hill road??? probably 2 million. Realty should be sued, not rehired.

  2. >Now that my property is worth 50K less than last year, will the township be reimbursing me for the amount of property tax I overpaid and adjusting this years tax bill? I guess lowering our property values is this year's sleight of hand way of curbing property taxes. Makes you wonder what tricks the Republicans have in store for us next year.

  3. >Anon 7:00Don't expect a refund anytime soon because non will be coming as you suspect.As a matter of fact, don't expect to pay less this year at all just because your home was assessted for less. Middletown still needs to collect nearly $45M in taxes. So as our assessments are adjusted lower the tax rate will be adjusted higher.You will still be paying the same as before.

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