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On February 11, 2011 at approximately 9:41 pm Patrolman Robert McNair was on patrol in the area of the Spy house Park located on Port Monmouth Road in Port Monmouth when he observed a suspicious vehicle parked in the parking lot. Officer McNair approached the vehicle to check on its occupants and immediately detected the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Patrolman McNair continued his investigation and located a folded piece of notebook paper which contained a substance he recognized as marijuana on the front seat passenger, Joshua Baum, age 27, from Sutton Drive in Middletown. Baum was then placed under arrest.

Officer McNair conducted a further search of the vehicle during which he located a small glass jar which contained marijuana. McNair then arrested the other occupants of the vehicle, Stephen Prunyi, age 23, from Palmer Avenue in Middletown, Jennifer Carrasquilla, age 23 from Brandeis Road in Parlin, NJ, and Cassandra Charron, age 22, from Sutton Place in Middletown.

All subjects were transported to police headquarters where they were processed and released pending a court appearance.

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>Middletown Mayor Holds A Gun To The Head Of Library System In The Attempt To Extort $1.2M; Massive Police Layoffs Threatened

>There is no other word for it other than EXTORTION.

In a press release posted on another blog, Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore has stated that if the Middletown Library doesn’t turn over it’s $1.2M in surplus funds within the next few weeks, the Township will have no recourse other than to layoff 26 individuals from the Township’s payroll. Most notable of those 26 individuals being threatened with job loses are 10 police officer(which would put the public safety at risk) and the elimination 13 people (leaving just 1 person in place) from the Department of Parks and Recreation (the equivalent of abolishing the department altogether).

This demand is essentially placing a gun to the heads of those that run the Library, forcing them to turn over funds to the Township or be perceived as being the ones responsible for the laying off of members of the Middletown Police Department.

So now that Middletown’s budget “D”day has finally arrived, after numerous warnings from both former Township Committeemen Patrick Short and Sean Byrnes about planning for the inevitable rainy day that was coming, Fiore and friends are turning to the only untapped revenue source that they sense is vulnerable to their advances.

Under today’s political environment it’s easy to pick on unions, public servants and institutions that seemingly are doing better than others.

The bottom line with the Library is that it’s trustees have managed it better and have done a superior job at planning for the future with it’s budget, than those that have controlled the Township Committee have done with their own. And for that, the library is now threatened with the replacement of it’s trustees, the potential of being turned over to the County and being made the scapegoat if the public safety is placed in jeopardy by the elimination members of the local police force.

Before attempting to extort funds from Library by threatening layoffs that would effect public safety, how about looking closer to home for some more budget cuts.

Over the past two years, while the town has been raising taxes and eliminating jobs the Township hired a Superintendent of Crossing Guards (taking responsibility away from the police), an Assistant Township Planner and an Assistant Township Administrator along with another Township Attorney. How about cutting some of that fat?

And what about the Arts Center and the Swim Club, each are draining funds from the Township at unsustainable rates. What is going to be done about them? How about abolishing all the boards and committees that the Township funds, do they come under the heading of essential services? I think not.

To be honest with you, I think this is just an elaborate, high stakes bluff on the the part of Fiore and his boys. There is no way they would risk the public’s ire and do anything that would threaten the operation of the Middletown Library. It is used by to many people that considered it to be a treasure and the most superior library in the State.
To put it in another way, they don’t have the balls to hand it over to the county!
The Library and those that operate it should stand firm against this criminal act and not succumb to the pressure from those that can’t control their own mismanagement.
Enough is enough with placing blame on others, first it was the teachers and their union, than it was public workers and their unions and now it’s the evil library and their millions that are coming between you and your tax dollars, not the gross mismanagement of Township funds by a bunch of political budgetary know-nothings that think that budgets are put together by osmosis!


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