>Quote of the Day From Middletown

>Today’s quote of the day in Middletown is in response to the Township Committee stating that police layoffs can be averted if only the Middletown library hands over it’s surplus funds:

“I don’t really think there is a link between library funds and police positions, they just believe it is politically convenient for them to make one.” – Randall Gabrielan, President of the Middletown Library Board of Trustees

Source Asbury Park Press 2/15/11


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3 responses to “>Quote of the Day From Middletown

  1. >A very astute observation from a very astute Middletown and Monmouth County resident.Thank you, Mr. Gabrielan !!

  2. >There should be a link and connection to every tax dollar we pay to the town. A huge mandated annual increase in the amount of taxes we HAVE TO collect for the library is NOT consistent with keeping a municipal budget in check.As a taxpayer, I didn’t choose to have the library tax take increase by substantial amounts each year? Also, do they pay back any $ when a tax appeal is approved?

  3. >To anon 3:23No they dont.. and neither does the school or county. any appeals won come totally from the towns account. There is no pay back from the school county or library. Hence the problem. The town refunds their portion, the 65 or 70% of the school portion. to 20% of the county portion…Only the state can fix that.

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