>Full House Expected At Tonight’s Township Committee Meeting

>With the controversy surrounding the Middletown Township Committee and it’s attempted extortion to grab hold of perceived surplus funds from the Middletown Library, tonight’s meeting of the Township Committee should be a good one. A house full of library supporters are expected to back the court room tonight to further voice their concerns over the money grab by the Township Committee.

Tonight’s meeting is expected to be an extension of last Wednesday night’s Library Board of Trustees meeting, where close to 200 library supporter showed up to let Township Committeeman Kevin Settembrino, Mayor Fiore and other members of the Township Committee that it was not OK to raid library funds in order to fill a budget deficit in the Committee’s Municipal budget.
If you have been following this blog you already know the story of how the Township Committee has tried to strong arm the Library Trustees into handing over funds. The Township Committee stated that if excess library funds weren’t transferred to the Township the consequences would be that 26 township employees would be laid off, 10 of which would be police officers from the Middletown Police Department and 13 from Parks and Recreation.
During Wednesday night’s meeting at the Library we found out that this was not the case, the 10 police officers and others would be losing their jobs no matter what and any funds garnered from the Library would go toward possibly saving other jobs.
The Library’s position is that their are no excess funds available for the Township to take, all excess funds are earmarked for capital projects or have been endowed to the Library with specific instructions for its use. The Library also contends that due to clerical issues, perceived surplus funds left over after the last Library audit in 2009 do not exist. The Township CFO should have transferred money from Library’s accounts to Township accounts before the last audit instead of afterwards and now because of this issue funds seem to be available when in fact there is none.
Tonight’s meeting starts at 8:00pm in the Court Room located at Town Hall, regardless of how you feel about this, it should be a good show tonight and not to be missed.


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67 responses to “>Full House Expected At Tonight’s Township Committee Meeting

  1. >I'm sure some folks who have been misled by the Library Board and director will show up to tell the TC not to close the library or cut it's budget, but, of course, none of that is going to happen. It's sad to see people being lied to and then looking foolish in public.Lucky for those who are being used by the library not too many will be there to see them. What a waste of their passion and desire to do good things for the citizen's of Middletown. They are being used as shills for those who spend their money outrageously – and these decent people are buying the lies.Oh, and the DHB will be there to complain about this year's projected 2% tax increase and calling for someone with a background as an actuary to be put on a finance committee so that next year's increase won't be so astronomical… (LOL)

  2. >What is it with everyone deriding the Library's efforts having such an inability to count?There were 150 people there last week at least. It makes you look stupid and your arguments invalid when you claim otherwise.

  3. >It was standing room only at one point!

  4. >What is it with those maling mountains out of molehills? What percent of 70,000 is 150?For that matter, how much of a difference would that 150 have made in last year's election results?People responded to misinformation.So what?

  5. >anon 11:39 The decent people of Middletown are tired of the lies and deception coming from the TC.Your attempt to discredit the Library Board is absurd and pathetic.

  6. >Anonymous 1:39….is this the way you pay back the politicians for your recent patronage appointment with wagging your vicious tongue again ??

  7. >Middletown should undergo a forensic audit of municipal expenditures.The liars and the cheats continuously lie,distort and fabricate figures. The truth is a foreign language in this township which NONE OF THEM CAN SPEAK !!

  8. >Mislead by the Library Board????That's priceless coming from members of the township committee.They're experts at lies and distortions.

  9. >The deputy mayor is a shrill, lying, hack. The only lies, misinformation, and arrogance being spread is coming from the town council and their supporters. Are we sure. That the Koch brothers and Fox news aren't behind this? How about governor Christie. Wake up people for God's sake!

  10. >Hey 5:12….this is not a partisan issue,it's an insult to every resident in Middletown by this goon squad and it will reverberate on those on that dais. Percentages my posterior,idiot.The people in this town can't have their heads in the sand forever.The attack on their wallets should GET THEIR ATTENTION….both republicans and democrats because THIS HURTS EVERYONE !The goon squad could not manage money if their very lives were at risk nor could they tell the truth.We will remember in November

  11. >So a political hack appointed by Chris Christie advises us that the Township Committee meeting is just a sham and they will do as they please no matter what transpires. Is this news? Of course said hack doesn't care how foolish she looks- she's just looking out for the reputations of us "dead horse beaters". What a selfless person she is! Nothing I like better in a person who holds public responsibility than the ability to "LOL' at the citizens of the township.And why do you spend soooo much time trying to change the minds of a few irrelevant dead horse beaters, anyway?

  12. >Went to the meeting tonight and noticed the mayor did all the talking to answer questions asked of settembrino. maybe they realize kevin has angered a lot of people.

  13. >THE LAW WILL NOT ALLOW THE TC TO CLOSE THE LIBRARY !!Maybe the time has come for a full blown investigation of all of government in Middletown! NO question,it's needed.Wonder who the next one found guilty of corruption could be.

  14. >Yeah, about that "full house expected" at the meeting tonight…Two people spoke about the Library, one of which was the Library Director.Perhaps the Library Board will take notice of the lack of support they have despite having spent the last week continuing to spread disinformation in order to whip up a public furor.It would seem the public is not as exorcised over this as you all thought, huh?Perhaps Director O'Neil will actually negotiate in good faith with the representatives of the taxpayers tomorrow.I think that is exactly what's in the cards. We, the people, have spoken…

  15. >Anon 11:29,You sound like that Hinckly guy that got up and spoke in front of the TC tonight, praising them for their years if budgetary mismanagement.I understand that you Republicans packed the house tonight yourselves just invade you needed to shoutdown any library suppporter that spoke against the TC.

  16. >Anonymous 11:27pm, you are a fool….The TC obviously doesn't want this issue to be argued in the public venue since they are rushing to put the strong-arm to the library to extort as much funds as possible without too much attention. They have spread so much misinformation and threats in such a short time, that their agenda is obvious…The residents in Middletown are barely knows conscious of this issue yet. If momentum were allowed to build over say, a few months, with the library being allowed to tell it's side of the story without the Middletown TC noise machine distorting and twisting the truth, you would see a much different outcome. Your ignorance in thinking that the public would be fully roused in one month's time without a sustained information campaign on the part of public library, is laughable at best, and simply illustrates the fear and propaganda in your posts…Your ignorance and arrogance speak volumes, and remind me of the TC. "Negotiate in good faith.." I'm afraid your precious TC doesn't even understand the meaning of the phrase, since they have shown nothing but bad faith up to this point.The purpose of the library board is to look out for the best interests of the library, which they have done, spledidly. One has to wonder, however, what the purpose of the TC is, and if the committee members even have the wits to tell you.

  17. >Hinckley is a republican political hack as are the rest of them. "Drama" that's what it is by the flaming AH"S that know no better.Thank god there are laws that the state would intervene when the drama gets really out of hand.The banditos are only after money,don't care how they get it and make fools of themselves at least twice monthly on the first and third Mondays unless a holiday delays the show a day.Wonder what the real people in this town think about all this. Not the phonies…..the real people…political affiliation aside.Understand the meeting was over in less than 15 minutes (back to consent agendas) and little transparency,just chest thumbing and BS by windbags.TELEVISE THESE MEETINGS or are you ASHAMED of your behavior ??

  18. >Me thinks they bathe in oil and are "slick as thieves".Gonna get caught in their own web.

  19. >Is Hinckley more of a hack than Grenefage? It was good to see the King last night. Looks like he is hitching his campaign wagon to another wrong issue. Keep up the good work Mr. King!

  20. >Yes,Hinckley is more so. He is a sewerage authortiy commissioner, sits on the planning board and acts as treasurer foro the Middletown GOP.

  21. >Hypocritical isn't it that Hinckley is one of those with his snout in the trough and he has the audacity he does with regard to financial matters.You" call his actions "covering your a$$.The sewage authority is about as useful as teets on a boar hog and it's time to get rid of it and the waste of money on benefits for these trough swillers…..HINCKLEY included with all the former freeloading,committee persons who have been assigned to it….Why should the taxpayers in this township have to provide health benefits to these trough swillers for life for their few years on the TC ?? That's just what's wrong with government in this state.

  22. >I love it Mike. "Packed the house" in case they were needed to "shout down" any Library supporters… LOLIt would seem that only Ms. O'Neil, one other person and the DHB were there.I guess they somehow "knew" that they would be "shouted down," right?Sheesh!Face it, the Library Board did its level best to whip up a big crowd to attend the meeting last night.They failed monumentally. The people of this town are just not all fired up about allowing the LB to sit on $1.2 million taxpayer dollars.The Board has the ball in their court right now. Let's hope they do the right thing.

  23. >The Library Board has the law on it's side and they should tell the TC to take a hike !No integrity shown by the lot of TC members last week at the meeting that was packed to the walls with people outraged by the actions of the TC.The residents of this town have learned going to TC meetings is a waste of time, They show us no respect and do as they please anyway. Why subject yourself to the verbal abuse. They should shove the 5 minute rule up Sharfey's rear.That clown could never function without it.Likes to hear himself talk but he really has nothing to say !Our turn comes in November !!

  24. >Maybe Middletown should have Mayor Mike Halfacre come to town and show our TC how to manage financial affairs. BTW…he's a republican also,so maybe they would be willing to listen to him. They were to ignorant to listen to an astute TC member who was a Democrat.Fair Haven's MUNICIPAL TAX RATE IS GOING DOWN FOR THE 4th YEAR IN A ROW!

  25. >I was there last night for the fitness program. Any response to the Mayor's question last night? If other towns are sharing the library surplus, why not Middletown? Seems like a reasonable question to me.

  26. >Being that I couldn't be there last night, what other towns are sharing in their library's funds?Did he state how much each town was receiving from their library or was he just throwing out a rhetorical question?by law the Middletown Library can not keep any surplus funds over 20% of the last audited budget unless those funds are earmarked for capital improvements or come from endowments or grants.Based on what I have heard the library may have to give the town $200K from the surplus that the Township insists it has.The Library insists that their surplus is far smaller than the number stated by the Township.

  27. >Anon 1:39…Why do you continue to slander and lie about the library and the library board? The library is one of the true "success stories" in town and has actually managed the taxpayers funds well, which is more than most are saying about the TC.It leads one to wonder if you are propping up some other agenda than the truth?

  28. >Mr. Hinkley's prepared comments complimenting the TC on their budgeting were certainly biased. He didn't identify that he sits on the sewerage authority or planning boards. He was obviously asked to speak out in support, because the Republicans have not shown up at many meetings. He knows where his hands are buttered.To defend the TC's budgeting practices takes away any credibility he might have. What I find most disturbing is their tactics and attitude of it's our way or the highway.I'm certain there are many residents who shy away from going to meetings because they are intimidated. You have to really know the facts before you speak and to get those facts, you have to almost be a forensic scientist.People don't have the time or feel very discouraged and hopeless trying to fight a political machine which has had iron clad hold on this town for 30 years.They have shown many times that they do not operate with the best interests of the residents.I commend those who continue to stand up and fight for the people who can't do it themselves.I don't care what political party is in power. Absolute power is dangerous and breeds corruption.We only need to look in our own back yard.

  29. >Mr. Hinkley's comments praising the TC were self serving. He's protecting his own interests.

  30. >Anonymous 9:21, you see the underlying motive of anonymous 1:39 as propping up another agenda and you are absolutely correct in your analysis of things.Believe the individual who repeatedly and unconditionally "cheers" on the TC and Scharfenberger in particular is because she, herself, has been rewarded with a patronage appointment for her vicious attacks in the newspapers and on the blogs on candidates,her neighbors,or anyone who sees the incompetence of administration in this community. There is nothing fair or decent about this individual's conduct….nothing as malicious and partisan politics supersedes all reason. To not see this is to be naive.Government in this community today is nothing the people of this town can be proud of anymore. It is ridden with lack of integrity,ethical failure and the appearance of malfeasance.Power and control is all these persons care about.nothing or nobody else ! It is impossible to trust them.

  31. >Anonymous 10:56 you are absolutely correct. One does almost have to be a forensic investigator to get to the facts in Middletown. Because the TC chooses not to televise its meetings, and to selectively release statements as it deems politically expedient, average people in the township cannot make heads or tails of what is being done in their name. As is evident from the postings on this board from the latest appointed beneficiary of OUR tax dollars, the folks now in control of Middletown take a sadistic delight in the fact that the taxpayers are, for the most part, in the dark about how the town is run. It is certainly odd that someone given a public trust takes such glee in the fact that "fewer" people choose to participate in local issues. Well, you can see what you get when you let others decide your fate. Don't give people the facts and then take their silence as a stamp of approval. Anyone who has read the local letters to the editor in local papers can decipher that the TC members are interested first and foremost in hitching their wagons to Christie's perceived rising star. They are certainly within their individual rights to improve their career prospects, but it is up to the people of Middletown whether they will do so at our expense.

  32. >anon 9:21 I couldn't agree with you more.The MO of the TC and the Republicans ruling this town is to discredit and intimidate those people who have the nerve to stand up to them.As much as I believe there are always ways to cut costs, I find it truly hypocritical for the TC to criticize the Library's spending.What's good for the goose should be good for the gander.If the TC showed they practiced what they preached, than they would have more credibility.

  33. >"Slander and lies?" About the Library Board?Let's examine the facts:Most people at the meeting at the Library last week got up and said "Don't close the Library," or "Don't cut the Library's operational budget…"Where did they get THOSE ideas from?The Library Board et al.Are either of those things even possible, let alone being considered? Nope.Ergo, the misinformation that came from the members of the Library Board and staff which informed the beliefs of those who attended that meeting was incorrect at best.If you choose to believe – as I do – that the intent of that misinformation campaign was to stir people up to rise to the "defense" of the Library, then you believe that this "misinformation" was in the form of lies. Plain and simple.By the way, how convenient is it to believe that no one "bothers" to come out to meetings because they don't believe their presence will make a difference? This way you can believe, deep down in your heart of hearts, that everyone in town really, Really, REALLY secretly believes just like you do, and that – despite the fact that only four or five of the DHB regularly show up to castigate our elected officials – you really represent a "silent majority."I guess no one believes their voting will make a difference either, huh?Man, talk about being willfully blind.

  34. >anon 6:56 Hypocrisy thy name is Republican.If the Library didn't send out the email, no one would have found out what was going on.Once the word got out the TC then realized they didn't look good.Now people know what's happening and they can decide what is the truth.Spin all you want but it's good people found out.

  35. >Anon 6:56,The only one spreading misinformation here is you.It is clear from the January 19th library board minutes that board members have been reacting to what was told to them be committeeman Settembrino.Based on those minutes Settembrino made it very clear what the intention of the TC was. He stated that board members could be replaced, that the library was going to pay rent and if the library did not hand over funds then they would have no choice but to hand the library over to the county.Was library board members over reacting and sending out misinformation to supporters? I think not.Again, The only one who is spreading misinformation is you._

  36. >Many residents are intimidated by the arrogant TC persons. And then there are residents who ARE NOT intimidated but get disgusted with the bullshit from these buffoons and carpetbaggers ! Talk about a waste of time to get 5 minutes to speak. That's a waste of valuable time in the life of many residents.Televise the meetings so the public can see how incompetent they really are.Maybe time would be better spent alerting the state's attorney general(a Democrat) about the suspect and possibly illegal behavior of these committee members. THEY ARE ELECTED TO REPRESENT US,NOT JUST THEMSELVES. Anony 6:56,you are really a know it all who knows nothing at all !The individual doth protest too much and we have your number.

  37. >Ah yes, dreaming that the AG will swoop in and turn the Town Committee over to the DHB… Ahhhhhhhh…And then you wake up a little damp, huh?There is nothing illegal going on, nothing unethical either. Just elected officials and their appointed administrators attempting to get something done during a difficult time.They are not of your party – so they must be corrupt.They don't agree with your positions or take your advice – so their intent must be evil.If anyone really believed that the DHB wanted to actually help, to actually do something constructive you all might be able to get involved. But you are only interested in trying to gain political power for yourselves. Your jealousy prevents you from working together to get things done.Very sad…

  38. >anon 8:54There's no jealousy, just disgust.If you're proud of the job you're doing in Middletown than that says it all. Keep drinking the Kool Aid.We'll keep on fighting for the people and expose you for what you truly are.Tax payers first! What a bunch of bull.

  39. >The Republicans have fought against televising TC meetings for the same reason sausage making factories don't give tours- if you saw what it was comprised of, you'd never eat it. Luckily for us, our trusty TC apologist gives us little peeks into the swill factory with every post. So reassuring to see what our tax dollars are paying for.

  40. >Maybe the Feds will come to town again and take another TC member away in handcuffs. Good old faithful party member Ray O'Greedy, remember him, or didn't you live here then?

  41. >ANON 8:54…what makes you think everyone who disagrees with you is a democrat ? This poster was once a member of your own party,disgusted by the charades and antics of your friends and colleagues and those of your ilk.Thoroughly DISGUSTED !!Sad that you think that those of your own party condones this crap but just wait and see because you can only kick a dog so long before it finally bits you for the abuse you dish out.Nobody and I mean nobody concurs with this untrustworthy buffoon squad as someone stated here.

  42. >What makes you think I'm a Republican?Maybe most on this blog don't concur with the way the TC is doing things, but a very strong majority of the voters do, otherwise why would there be a 5-0 vote on the TC?If you've got anything more that your belief that "something illegal" is going on, then go to the AG or hire an attorney and file a class action lawsuit.Otherwise if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem…

  43. >anon: 6:50 Don't insult our intelligence. The strong majority who you claim support the TC are not well informed and didn't vote your way because of the candidates running. They voted because of the weak top of the ticket and anti Dem climate.The Republicans have been the problem, and now they're finally taking Patrick Short and Sean Byrnes' advise. They were the solution. So enough of the crap about how everyone thinks you're doing such a good job.We all know how you guys operate.

  44. >This Tc hasn't listened to anyone except themselves and they are not about to begin now. In the recent past the arrogance of the former mayor is despicable and his cheating to win philosophy is classic of this bunch.About as trustworthy as snakes as has been proven time and again. The only reason the republicans won the local election was the "national climate" and the fact that people blindly vote party lines and not for qualified representatives of integrity. One only has to see the vicious campaign nonsense put out by Settembrino and Scharfenberger to understand. And the uniformed fall for this CRAP !When the "pickpockets" finally take enough out of the residents wallets in this town…..these republicans are "toast"…… Mickey Mouse could do a better job !

  45. >Hey 6:50 a.m…..you didn't get enough sleep on recent nights or you haven't had enough coffee yet.Do you think voting for these local buffoons because you are against Obamacare serves any constructive purpose ?Do you think voting for these financially inept republicans does a single thing for the economic circumstances in this community ?Do you think ignoring the astute capabilities of a TC member,experienced in finance,because he was a Democrat made any sense whatsoever ?Do you realize just how ridiculous you sound when the only reason you defend this incompetence is these are your republican comrades and that make all of you stupid in most people's eyes.Local elections would better serve the constituents in our towns if there were no party affiliations. Perhaps a change in government is just what Middletown needs. An elected mayor and representative board. Not this nonsense of a mayor chosen by himself and 4 of his party comrades at most. Power and control is the issue here. Ask yourself why…..the answer "patronage" plain and simple.Money is the answer for all of this and unbridled control leads to corruption. History has proven that.It has happened right here in Middletown only recently.

  46. >anon 6:54 I would love to quote the many members of the Republican partywho have made rather critical comments regarding the TC. These people are on the inside and know what's going on.So to pretend that things are just rosy is a joke.The TC has a lot to prove this year.

  47. >The first thing they better get straight is telling the truth if any one of them is capable of the truth.So far nothing points in that direction to date. Lie,lie and lie some more ! If I had not seen it for myself,it would have difficult to believe that this crew actually behaved like thugs trying to engage in extortion. Brightbill actually stood in front of that crowd and threatened the library trustees,Fiore talked out of both sides of his mouth and Settembrino better remember he's only been here three years because we now know what he is and it ain't nice either.Power and control have gone to their heads and their churlish conduct should be a wake up call for the taxpayers of Middletown ,regardless of party affiliation.YUP,a wake up call…

  48. >You guys keep on hoping that this year will be the year that you win an election in town.Before the LAST election we heard the same things: "We'll have our say in November…" "It's just a matter of time before the people of Middletown wake up (and vote Democratic)…" Etc., and etc., ad nauseum.Aside from the handful of people who are part and parcel of the DHB, can you show me ANY evidence, any facts that would support the idea that the voters have changed their opinions on those whom they have elected?By the way, why NOT quote those supposed "Republican insiders" who are now apparently itching to vote for Linda Baum?

  49. >6:27 anonymous….get real. A lot of people in this town are disgusted with the current buffoon gang and that disgust has nothing to do with party affiliation. Many are unaffiliated Independents who select more carefully who they want to represent them. As for who will be cndidates for the Democrats in Middletown,you are not very well informed . Why so afraid of Linda Baum ? Can it be she has demnstrated the intelligence lacking in the current republican specimens serving today in this town. Is it that she sees through the nonsense and has challenged the "status quo" that reigns here ? Delirium is what you suffer from 6:27 and a lack of ethical integrity,demonstrated time and again and your rants clearly point out your identity.

  50. >I suffer from delirium?A Democratic candidate for TC has not won for four years, yet you all insist that "most" people in the town will vote against the TC incumbents this Fall, and I'M suffering from delirium?Please.With the tax rate certain to stay stable this year, it could be another entire generation before we see a Democratic majority on the TC again…

  51. >SEE WHAT I MEAN….RANTING AGAIN !DELIRIOUS !The only reason these jerks will maintain a stable tax rate capped at 2 % ( last year the raise in this town's tax rate was almost 14 % ) is because that's now the law and CHRISTIE demands it !We have not had a Democratic majority in 30 years but that doesn't mean we are happy with these liars ……nobody is happy with the lying,the cheating,the economic impact and the total lack of integrity exhibited….. not even those who are republicans.

  52. >Sean Byrnes won election in Nov 2007 and served starting in Jan. 2008, Ms. "think you know it all" !!!

  53. >Your argument would be at least somewhat persuasive except for the stubborn fact that the voters disagree with you and have for 30 or more years.When you actually win an election maybe you can talk about how "nobody is happy" with our elected officials.Until then…

  54. >Boy,you are dense … maybe that should read "thick as s**t and twice as nasty"….not running for anything and not affiliated with any party. Just a resident thoroughly disgusted with the excuse we have for government in this town. It is a disgrace !!

  55. >Well, you're making progress.Now you admit that you can only speak for yourself, instead of implying that there is some "silent majority" who believes as you do.The fact is that the majority of people in Middletown have consistently voted for the current Township Committee and like;y will continue to do so.If a majority believed as you do, Sean Byrnes would be Mayor right now.They don't and he is obviously not.Glad you have reached this important level of understanding…

  56. >The next time Christie doles out patronage positions he should hand them out two per person since judging from this blog, they have way too much free time on their hands. Or maybe Christie has more than one paid twitterer on his staff?

  57. >http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/25/opinion/25krugman.html?_r=1&src=ISMR_HP_LO_MST_FBExcellent commentary by Paul Krugman today regarding the Wisconsin situation. Buried in the proposed Wisconsin legislation is the ability for politicians to sell public utilities, without seeking the lowest bidder, under the guise of "public interest". Yes, the perfect dream scenario for those who want to throw business to cronies without the slightest inhibition. While Middletowners may be inclined to vote their pocketbook, we should understand that what the right wing has in mind is anathema to fiscal restraint. If you happen to be one of those who may profit from having business tossed to you by our local officials, by all means vote to maintain the status quo. The rest of us need to look at what is happening across the country and ask ourselves whether it will be in Middletown's long term financial interest to go down such a road.

  58. >The next time Christie doles out patronage positions he should dole them to individuals playing with a full deck and no screws loose !

  59. >For what it's worth, I think the Wisconsin legislation limiting collective bargaining rights is ill conceived, and the rest of the law is just plain criminal!

  60. >Anon 8:37 a.m.,On the surface Mr. Fiore's question: "If other towns are sharing surplus, why not Middleton?", seems reasonable. Under the surface other boroughs and townships may have not financially mismanged their taxpayer resources and have been less demanding and not projected a sense of entitlement to statute allocated funds.On a different tack: why is it OK for the Middletown Township Committee to make comarisons when the comparisons work for the Committee? The line of reasoning behind Mr. Fiore's question is — others do it so why shouldn't Middletown? So, if other boroughs and townships televise meetings, have finance committees, and have current strategic plans, the why shouldn't Middletown?Why not go to the next Township Committee meeting and ask the question?

  61. >anon 12:54Excellent point. I've thought that myself. The TC continually compares us with other towns when it suits their argument.The same could be said when they defend having a Sewerage Authority.If they're so intent on finding ways to cut costs, they should be looking at ALL areas that cost the township money. Then I would take them seriously.

  62. >Perhaps it would be wise to check out the tax rates for Monmouth County to see where Middletown stands before making rash judgments… http://www.state.nj.us/treasury/taxation/pdf/lpt/gtr09_mon.pdfOh wait, you mean people want to spout off in partisan fashion without knowing the facts?What a surprise?

  63. >Anonymous 1:38 p.m.,Haven't you paid any attention to many of the remarks on this subject on this blog?We all recognize the diatribe from you and wonder when you finally get it…many of us think there's something non compos mentis about you.

  64. >Diatribe?Surely you jest.

  65. >Tired of Political Lies and Dirty Tricks..? Maybe people should just seek the truth instead of believing the lying shenanigans of the Republicans…(this goes for the Wisconsin issue as well), and many other issues being obfiscated in this country by shills of corporate overlords–like the Koch brothers, and Chris Christie, etc. (from the Library's Website..)Update on Library Reserves IssueThe Library "giveback" issue is now so full of rumors that it is difficult to know where to begin. One of the troubling issues is that some are casting the library as uncooperative. Not true. So, I'll start with last year, when members of the Township Committee, Pam Brightbill and Sean Byrnes came to library board meetings and asked the Trustees to consider giving some of its reserves to the town. The Trustees listened, and made a quick response to sponsor one of the summer concerts of the Parks & Recreation Department. We followed up with a letter to the Mayor [dated June 10,2010] indicating the Board's willingness to provide some assistance, and asked four questions which were germane to the Board's deliberations. There was no response to the letter [which we will post on this website] These questions were not answered by August, when Mayor Scharfenberger attended the library board meeting, and he was asked again for a response. None followed, and the library pressed on in memos and finally, in November, a meeting was held with Library Trustees, Mr. Mercantante and Mr. Trascente. But questions of the Board were not completely answered. In fact, the inability of the library to get any reconciliation of the small budget surplus of 2008 and 2009 kept our 2010 budget in flux for the entire year. And, without the information it asked for, the Trustees could not make an informed decision about making a contribution to help the Township. So now we get to late 2010, and the law on libraries returning some surpluses changes from libraries "may" return surpluses to "must" return surpluses that are not restricted for capital projects, or are from per capita state aid funds. Immediately, the request turned into a demand, and for much much more than the law would allow. By the library's calculations of the official "Proposed Transfer Form" of monies, the Middletown Library has $262,453 in funds which must be returned. The Trustees of the Library are negotiating in good faith with the Township on this matter and will do what they are able to do legally. Susan O'Neal, Directorp.s. By the way, the NJ State Library has informed us that ALL of the dozen or so libraries that have given back funds to their municipalities have followed the procedures outlined in the law. The MTPL will do the same.

  66. >Keep up the great work,Susan.Those of us who really care about the Library are with you all the way !This TC cannot be trusted and they have repeatedly proved that fact over and over again.

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