>Green Party To Rally In Solidarity In Trenton With Wisconsin Workers Friday


Greens will meet at new Trenton HQ
Look for The Green Party Banner!
Friday, February 25, 12pm noon at the State House, Trenton

Wisconsin workers have been fighting on the front lines against Governor Scott Walker’s assault on working families and collective bargaining rights. At the Trenton State House on Friday, February 25, 2011, at 12:00 noon, a group of Wisconsin workers will be welcomed by the New Jersey State AFL-CIO, national AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, hundreds of our union brothers and sisters and community partners.

At this rally, we will stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity and speak out against the attacks on working families and assaults on collective bargaining rights which are taking place in Wisconsin and other states around the country. We will also send a message to Governor Christie that he bargain in good faith and not balance the budget on the backs of middle class families. We urge all affiliates and community allies to join us at the Trenton State House on Friday and to hear first-hand about the events that are taking place in Wisconsin. Wisconsin workers are depending on strong demonstrations of solidarity in states across the nation to help them sustain their efforts back home.

The attacks in Wisconsin are not just isolated to one state or one sector of our labor movement. These are overt attacks on collective bargaining that are relevant to all working people. What we need now in these difficult times, is to work collectively as one labor movement and understand that we need to improve the quality of life for all workers and not dismantle it.

We look forward to standing in unity with you at the State House.

In Solidarity,

Charles Wowkanech, President, NJ AFL-CIO
Laurel Brennan, Secretary-Treasurer, NJ AFL-CIO

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One response to “>Green Party To Rally In Solidarity In Trenton With Wisconsin Workers Friday

  1. >The veil is off and the bride ain't pretty. As absurd as it may seem, a foolish prank phone call revealed what many of us know, but few want to believe. Both Gov. Walker, and his extra-large brother in arms, Chris Christie, have been set loose to do the bidding of the corporate interests that brought this country to it's knees. The truth is staring us in the face. Yes, Gov. Christie, let us not be "chumps".

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