>It’s Your Town – Newsletter Volume 3, Issues 3 & 4- 2/07/11 & 2/22/11; Issue 4 Contains Latest News On Fight For Library Surplus Funds

>The latest editions of the It’s Your Town Newsletter are now available for reading.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, so I never got around to posting Issue #3 of the newsletter a couple of weeks ago.
Issue #3 contains information about the proceedings of the February 7th Middletown Township Committee Workshop meeting, while Issue #4 deals with what happened during last Tuesday night’s regular monthly meeting of the Middletown Township Committee.
It should be noted for those that have not been able to attend meetings of the Township Committee yet this year, there is a stark contrast as to how these meetings are now being conducted with a 5-0 Republican super majority controlling the Township Committee this year and how meeting had been conducted during the past 4 years when a Democrat sat on the Committee.
Very little to no discussions take place between Committee members about proposed ordinances or resolutions, massive consent agendas that contain several or more items are passed without public discussion and meetings have been over very quickly.
It seems that local government transparency has taken a step backward this year.
Issue #4 of the newsletter should be of particular interest to readers who have followed the news of how the Township Committee has been attempting to extort surplus funds from it’s public library, which is in clear violation of state statute.
During public comments Library Director Susan O’Neal, spoke about the virtues of the library and attempted to talk about the perceived surplus funds that the Township insists are available for it’s taking, but when she was badgered and talked down to rather arrogantly by appointed mayor Tony Fiore, she ended the discussion and sat down.
Resident Melanie Elmiger also spoke on the Library and asked why was Committeeman Settembrino appointed to the Library Board, what qualifications did he have to serve on the Board and whether or his presence on the Board was in conflict with his position as a Township Committee person.
Read Issue #3 >>>> Here Read Issue #4 >>>> Here

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One response to “>It’s Your Town – Newsletter Volume 3, Issues 3 & 4- 2/07/11 & 2/22/11; Issue 4 Contains Latest News On Fight For Library Surplus Funds

  1. >Business as was usual before a Democrat sat on the dais in Middletown. No sign of transparency and ARROGANCE rides high with these clowns ! How long before another committeeperson is caught up in something illegal and leaves town in handcuffs or costs us huge legal expenses because they flaunt the law?Absolute power corrupts absolutely! WHAT MAKES THESE FIVE THINK THEY DO NOT OWE THE PEOPLE INFORMATION ON WHAT IS TRANSPIRING BEHIND CLOSED DOORS ? Sinking into a "third world community" !THIS TOWN HAS BECOME A TOTALITARIANDICTATORSHIP and these integrity and ethically challenged charlatans are responsible for this nonsense.HANG ONTO YOUR WALLETS….. Residents….you deserve what you voted for without forethought. And you won't know what hit you until after the facts and they'll LIE and CHEAT just like last year !!

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