>Wow Big News; Monmouth County Freeholders Reduce Proposed 2011 Budget by $3.7M

>Hey have you heard, the Monmouth County Freeholders have produced a new proposed budget for fiscal year 2011 that has reduced the previously proposed budget by $3.7 million?

I guess we’re all suppose to be happy with this latest budget proposal because it reflects a decrease of $1.1 million from last year’s adopted county budget.
That would be big new to me if the amount to be raised by taxes wasn’t increased by $6.8 million (or 2.26%) to fund the nearly 1/2 billion dollar budget.
I find it very hard to believe that out of a proposed budget of $492 million, the Freeholders can only find cuts that amount to less than 1% of this budget.
If you ask me, if the members of the Monmouth County Freeholder’s Board can point fingers at those who run Brookdale Community College to ferret out wasteful spending after the Burnham debacle, then they should be able to find wasteful spending with in their own departments that would lead to less spending and lower amount of tax dollars needed to be raised through taxation.
I wonder if the Bayshore or other Monmouth County Tea Party organizations have an opinion of their own on this?
I’m just saying….


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5 responses to “>Wow Big News; Monmouth County Freeholders Reduce Proposed 2011 Budget by $3.7M

  1. >Question: You know what will solve these problems?Answer: Electing Sean Byrnes so that he can create a finance / budget committee like he wanted to in Middletown. (sarcasm)

  2. >Anon 11:18 a.m. (a.k.a sarcasm)A budget-finance committee rooted in the talent, skill and experience that exists in the public domain, not tainted by those who seek to acquire or maintain political power, brings the investigative light of inquiry to the budget process and financial policy — needs and wants and waste — reflected in the budget document. Municipalities do this; boards of education do this; counties do this. A finance committee is one of the 33 "best practices" that Christie and his administration recommed for all levels of government, including agencies and authorities.

  3. >Anon{sarcasm) 11:18 a.m…. sounds like the township idiot now with a political appointment and about enough brains to fill a thimble !

  4. >Anon (sarcasm) The continued rejection of this common sense idea, proves that the TC and those that run this town DO NOT want the public to know what's really going on.It's all about control and protecting what's theirs.It's not about doing what is right for the residents in this town.The ruling party doesn't want the public to see the waste and mismanagement for fear of exposure. Plain and simple.

  5. >Finance committees are good for getting fiscal responsibility under control. It uses talent from the communities and County and it results in better government. The Brookdale debacle will have the taxpayers in this County on HIGH ALERT !

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