>APP: Middletown assessor to get $15G payment for reassessment work

>So what do you know, I guess someone over at the Asbury Park Press has been reading my blog.

In today’s paper APP report Kevin Penton has written an article about the $15,000 bonus that Tax Assessor Charles Heck will be receiving for doing his job.

Two things that stand out in the article are that no one would make themselves available for comment other that Tony Fiore; not Township Administrator Tony Mercantante or Charles Heck himself, would comment.

Secondly is the arrogance of Fiore himself. Fiore is quote, “Let’s face it, without this money, there would have been no incentive for them to do the work.” referring to Heck and his assistant working extra hours for the bonus, instead of doing what would be expected from someone who earns $108,572 from the tax payers of Middletown.

Lets face it, Heck has a very cozy job, so cozy that he is able hold similar positions in town other towns, which has increased his salary and benefits to over $164,000 according to Data Universe , so let’s not try and kid anyone. Heck should not be getting anthying extra from the Township for doing a job that he is already highly paid to do.

Any money that the Township has realized as savings from Heck’s work should go to saving jobs, not lining Heck’s pockets. For Fiore to justify Heck’s bonus by stating ,”To spend $20,000 to save $50,000, that’s a pretty good spend.” as he did at Monday night’s Township Committee meeting is asinine. The whole $50,000 belongs to taxpayers and should be used towards saving jobs,services or paying off debt. Not for lining a political flunky’s pockets.


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3 responses to “>APP: Middletown assessor to get $15G payment for reassessment work

  1. >Heck is not the only political flunkie. There are six more on the dais….the five stooges and that little arrogant specimen with a juris doctorate who doesn't know his place. None of these flunkies are interested in the people in this township. NONE!Merchantante has turned out to be a disappointing waste and he should be ashamed and it goes on and On. Need a big broom to sweep the whole lot of them into the trash barrel where they belong!

  2. >$15,000 Charlie Heck+$15,000 Caroll Caroll brought back to help Heck $ 5,000 Rene Frotton Deputy tax assessor_________________________________________________________ $35,000 What the hell have we saved? Could have saved a job. Or tax relief……..hmmmmm good call Mr. Mercantante, want an incentive todo your job too? I am sure all the employees at town hall would like some incentive, considering its been three years with no raise now. I guess Heck needed a bonus to hurt the tax payers again.

  3. >Since when to any of us get an incentive to do a job? Our salary is what we work for. Fiore's statement is an insult to everyone of us who works for a living.

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