>Ringing Controversy; Concerned Citizens of Middletown Robocalls Strike A Nerve

>It seems that the latest round of Robocalls that went out yesterday afternoon by the group calling themselves “Concerned Residents of Middletown” have struck a nerve with some sitting on the Township Committee who say that the calls don’t ring true.

In a column published this morning over at Redbankgreen.com, Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore and his Deputy Mayor Pam Brightbill question the legitimacy of the group Concerned Residents of Middletown and it’s message.

It appears to be just another desperate attempt by the Middletown Democrats to spread misinformation to the taxpayers,” Fiore is quoted as saying in reference to who he thinks is behind the calls. He adds “the real truth will come out. The information they’re pointing out is just not accurate,” when referencing that the Townships budget will be introduced next week.

As if that has any real barring on the truthfulness of the messages contained in the robocalls. Remember last year how Mayor Scharfenberger and those sitting on the Committee, other than Democrat Sean Byrnes, insisted that the Township tax increase was only 2.8% when the proposed budget for 2010 was introduced in last June, when in actuality the municipal tax rate increased by 13.9%.
I think the people lacking credibility on budget issues are those that sit on the Township Committee. The real truth behind the budget numbers and any proposed tax increase which will be presented next Monday night, wont really be known until revised tax bills are sent out to residents, after the budget is adopted later in the year, just as it was last year. When residents looked at their tax statements expecting to see only an increase of 2.8% in the municipal rate, they were stunned by the difference.
Before passing judgment on these robocalls, it is important to see if the message included in them pan out as describe. Only then can we tell who was spreading false information to residents.


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12 responses to “>Ringing Controversy; Concerned Citizens of Middletown Robocalls Strike A Nerve

  1. >Just spoke to 1 Kings Hwy to find out job desription of the asesor who entered my home 2009. Was Told assessor knows if basement and attio are finished even if he doesn't look at them! Told sq ft detwrmine assessed value.What determines assessed alue? Help! Thanks

  2. >Lori,Assesst value is determined by how much similar homes as yours, have sold within a number of blocks or miles around your home.

  3. >The Republicans in Middletown are well known for distorting the truth.Last year was a prime example. When they didn't have a budget until Aug., all we heard was blaming the teacher's union because they wouldn't change their negotiated contract and except a pay freeze.Never did the majority accept responsibility for the terrible budget crisis even when Byrnes and Pat Short continually warned them to act early. Instead this fine upstanding group made up personal attacks on their character. These are the people who are running Middletown. No integrity and ignorant to boot. They preferred to ignore the mess we were in rather than take the sound advice of the only 2 people who made any sense.No wonder some of the TC members wish they had Byrnes working with them.This is what you get people when you vote with your eyes and ears closed.As far as the robo calls, keep em coming. Educating the people in Middletown will be tough, but after a while the truth might finally sink in.

  4. >These robo calls are reaching the public with a very valid message. Good for whoever is responsible for them.The time has come, it is long overdue,to tell the truth. The Republicans in this town don't comprehend what the truth is, never mind tell it!!!!

  5. >Fiore should remember people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.He's a fine one to criticize anyone for misinformation.Lied about the turf fields, lied about the budget increase. Look back on everything that Sean Byrnes said which now is known to be the truth.Compare that to all the lies that came out of the TC. It a sad state of affairs when people just don't care who lies and who is truthful.That's whats wrong in Middletown.The cancer is in stage four and there will be no chance for remission until people look for a cure. Reelecting the same people and expecting different results is grounds for insanity.

  6. >Just read the article in Red Bank Green.Hey,Fiore and Brightbill and the rest of you clowns. How do you like it when the people in this town play by "your rules" ? Only this time the people who are concerned citizens ARE NOT liars .The campaign literature in this town distributed by the Republicans were nothing but libelous trash in all recent elections. Someone has to get the attention of the voters and educate them!GO CONCERNED CITIZENS of MIDDLETOWN !!!! GO !!

  7. >Why don't the Dems in Middletown take a lesson from the Republicans?Just lie!

  8. >Notice to the commentor on the Red Bank Green site, there are plenty of concerned citizens in Middletown and they have constitutional rights of free speech. Nobody is going to jail for exercising that right! The Republicans in this town are getting a DOSE of their own medicine! Can't stand the unadulterated TRUTH.huh??Consider how many unaffiliated voters there are in Middletown and all are fed up with this TC. Fed up to death with the lying and the cheating and distorting of the facts.

  9. Joe

    >I cannot find any information, web page, phone number, address, etc., for Concerned Citizens of Middletown. If anyone has any of this info, please post it. Thanks very much.Joe Keenan

  10. >I don't know who they are, but I'd like to join them.

  11. >Joe,There are thousands of "concerned citizens" (residents) in Middletown and the fact that they are being vocal against this motley crew called the TC is no surprise.Smell the coffee,the time has come and the people in this town are fed up to death with poor,integrity challenged representation whose only concern is party and patronage.Many will join together now because there is a swelling tide against the lies,the cheating and disregard for the taxpayer in this town!

  12. >One only had to be in attendance at the library board meeting where Fiore,Brightbill and Settembrino were clearly honing their "thug skills" to realize the time for change HAS COME.Elections have consequences Middletown voters and it's time to vote with a clear view of what these clowns are doing to YOUR town.

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