>Middletown Letter to Property Taxpayers,Prior To Next Weeks Budget Presentation, Suggests Rebate Program Was Township’s Idea

>Hypocrisy and disingenuousness has reached new heights in Middletown when it comes to what our Republican politicians will take credit for in order to given an impression that they are being fiscally prudent and watching out for our tax dollars.

In a letter to taxpayers that arrived with quaterly tax statements, just prior to next weeks Township budget introduction, Middletown’s Mayor Fiore states that taxes will not really be going up this year, that they will actually be going down.

How can that be when it has already said that there will be increases in this year’s Township budget? It seems that our mayor is jumping on the bandwagon and taking credit for the new NJ Homestead Rebate Tax Credit program initiated by Gov. Christie this year that some homeowners can qualify for t, after the governor eliminated the old rebate program last year.

Middletown residents should know that not all Township residents will qualify for tax rebate credits and that Middletown had nothing to do with the new NJ Homestead Rebate Program, which entitles some to the tax credit. Middletown has to cooperate with the Governors office because it is a State program, not a Township program. I repeat Middletown had absolutly nothing to do with this program.

So once again, here is another example of how those that run Middletown are trying to take credit for something that wasn’t their idea and had nothing to do with. It’s all just a smoke and mirrors attempt to fool resident taxpayers into thinking that the property tax rate that they pay to the Township will be going down, when in fact it will be increasing once the budget is released, to offset lower property assessments.

Nice try Tony, you really earned your “fibber” moniker on this one!

If you haven’t seen the letter you can read it >>> Here


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6 responses to “>Middletown Letter to Property Taxpayers,Prior To Next Weeks Budget Presentation, Suggests Rebate Program Was Township’s Idea

  1. >LIARS LIE AND LIARS FIGURE and most of the LIARS seem to be running government in Middletown Township.N.J..Remember all these lies when you push buttons in a voting machine in November….You get the liars you vote for every time and when these liars pick your pockets…you deserve it!!

  2. >Learned that the rebate if figured on the 2006 property taxes paid. If you qualify by income for a rebate,there are two tiers:1- figured at 20% of the 2006 property taxes paid and divided by 4 to equal the rebate you will receive2-figured at 10% of the 2006 property taxes and that amount divided by 4 to equal the amount you will receive .Was advised this is the only rebate to be given this year so seniors are really penalized from what rebates to those over 65 got in the past.As for the TC.not one of them can even discern what is the truth anymore! Slick tongues and hyperbole is the mantra of this mob.

  3. >I don't see how the Mayor took credit for the program. Looks like an announcement to me.

  4. >Anony 8:04 p.m.,To quote Anthony Fiore "I am pleased to inform you that the TOWNSHIP OF MIDDLETOWN,in COOPERATION with the OFFICE of the FOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTIE, WILL BE PROVIDING QUALIFIED DIRECT PROPERTY TAX RELIEF through the newly REINSTATED HOMESTEAD BENEFIT PROGRAM this year".Absolutly to the contrary:MIDLETOWN TOWNSHIP never had anything to do with creating the Homestead Benefit Program and STILL HAS NOTHING TO DO with this program except apply the credits as required by the STATE of NEW JERSEY.Just another attempt at slick,slimy,sleazy politics in the republican practice of "cheat to win" endeavors of this group currently enthralled with power in this township!!

  5. >anon 8:04 I agree with you. The arrogance of the TC is beyond insulting. They will do and say anything to benefit themselves.

  6. >Does everyone remember the antics of Gerard Scharfenberger when he ran for re-election? Remember the APP editorial "Tongue Tied for a Reason" when it was stated "he was disingenuous at best and downright dishonest at worst".This is just more of the same only the disingenuous at best and the dishonest at worst is now the current TC members running for re-election.Fiore and Brightbill.This nonsense of distorting the facts and outright lying should be challenged because sending this lying crap to the taxpayers on township stationary at the public's expense should be illegal and it would be interesting to know how Governor Christie would view the sharing with Middletown's TC the positive feedback for the"partial" restoration of the Homestead Rebate program.Not a senior citizen,not one, should be happy with this, Instead they all realize these republicans are promoting their agenda at the expense of the elderly and the needy.Shame on all of these hypocritical,disingenuous,self serving,intellectually dishonest politicians, especially in Middletown.

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