>Monmouth Candidates Picked During Today’s Convention

>Earlier today the Monmouth County Democrats held their annual “mini-convention” at Carpenter’s Hall in Red Bank, unfortunately I couldn’t be in attendance because of my work schedule but based on the outcome, I didn’t miss any surprises.

I spent the past few days reaching out and making phone calls to those at the County and a few candidates that I had known were running. They gave me a pretty good picture of those that had intended to seek office. I agreed not to post anything here on the blog prematurely due to the fact that many of the candidates hadn’t really had enough time to consider their chances with the newly drawn legislative districts and there was a chance that others would step forward this morning. But after talking to a few people after the convention, I was informed that did not happen. All candidates ran unopposed which was seen as a sign of party unity.

Those seeking office this year for the Monmouth County Dems are:

Bill Shea, Howell – Monmouth County Freeholder

Michael Steinhorn, Rumson – Monmouth County Surrogate

Ray Santiago , Freehold – 11th District State Senate

Marilyn Schlossbach, Asbury Park – 11th District State Assembly

Vin Gopal, Long Branch – 11th District State Assembly

Robert Brown, Old Bridge – 12th District State Senate

Catherine Tinney-Rome, Old Bride – 12th District State Assembly

Christopher Cullen, Hazlet – 13th District State Senate

Kevin Lavan, Hazlet – 13th District State Assembly

Patrick Short, Middletown – 13th District State Assemly

Steve Morlino, Howell – 30th Distrcit State Senate

In the 12th District, I was told by Senate candidate Robert Brown Tuesday night, that the Monmouth Democrats would defer endorsements of candidates to the other counties in the district and that is exactly what happened.

I was told that the same would hold true in the 30th District after Morlino was chosen to be the Democratic Challenger in that race.

Speaking with Freeholder Amy Mallet last night, she was extremely happy with her choice of running mate Bill Shea, she couldn’t say enough good things about him. Freeholder Mallet told me that she interviewed many potential running mates, but Bill Shea stood out.

Freeholder Mallet told me that Shea was a new comer to politics but he was very intelligent, extremely likable and energetic. Bill Shea will be retiring in June from the NJ State Troopers, where he is a highly respected officer who has been injured numerous times in the line of duty, he is seen as a no-nonsense type of guy.

Talking to Vin Gopal Thursday night, he mentioned Marilyn Schlossbach was to be his running mate for the 11th District Assembly. He told me that she was a chef/restaurateur from Asbury Park, who has been involved in many philanthropic causes and is well liked and known by many throughout the shore area.

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One response to “>Monmouth Candidates Picked During Today’s Convention

  1. >Amy Mallet has done a great job as Freeholder. She works tirelessly and has proven she works for people of Monmouth County and NOT her party.She's the only Freeholder who not just criticizes but comes up with solutions. Unlike John Curley, who is all talk and no action.I don't know Bill Shea but hope to learn more about him.The Dems have a real opportunity to win another seat and gets some balance. Lillian Burry and the rest talk out of both sides of their mouth and only represent the status quo.

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