>NJ 12th District Senate Candidate Pledges to "Cut the Fat"

>Anyone that follows this blog on a regular basis knows Robert (Bob) Brown. Bob is a friend of mine whom I’ve gotten to know over the past 5 years, while he was busy running twice for the NJ State Assembly in the old 13th District in 2007 & 2009.

When I congratulated him on receiving the Democratic line for the open NJ State Senate seat in the new 12th legislative district, I asked him if he had anything that he wished to comment on for the blog and for any potential voters in his new district.

In pure Bob Brown fashion he asked me to pass along his pledge:

“I pledge to tighten my belt and cut the fat by losing 40 pounds between now and election day. I ask the Governor to share in the sacrifice and cut his fat first before cutting other peoples benefits.”

I can tell already that Bob Brown’s campaign for a State Senate seat will be one to remember and I wish him all the best!


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4 responses to “>NJ 12th District Senate Candidate Pledges to "Cut the Fat"

  1. >this 'pledge' is ridiculous. Why would anyone care about his personal weight loss goals? This "pledge" should be about what he is goint to contribute to his job…. Public handouts are strangling the entire United States. If Christie dosen't cut all the entitlement programs……who is going to pay for them going forward?

  2. >what's the relevance to any NJ citizen? C'Mon Mike, I expect more of you than to publish this crap.

  3. >Anon 2:11,Get a sense of humor. His pledge is about cutting spending state wide, starting Trenton; and I would hope that Bob means a top down approach, starting with the elected and appointed officials first — like Sam Thompson who is double dipping along with a member of his staff.

  4. >Didn't know I was reading the comics. My bad. You, however can really read between the lines and iterpret what he "really means" incredibly..From now On when I read Cut the fat around the beltline I will read your post and understand. Haha…. you are the one who brings out my sense of humor.

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