>Deputy Mayor Pam Brightbill Not Running for Reelection In Middletown

>The following press release was issued today announcing that Middletown’s Deputy Mayor Pam Brightbill will not be seeking re-election to the Township Committee this November. Brightbill will be replaced on the ticket with Stephanie Murray.

Murray is a current member of the Middletown Zoning Board, Housing Authority and is the founder of the conservative leaning Republican women’s group Middletown Mornings that will be hosting the 1st Middletown Board of Education Candidate Forum Tuesday morning April 12th:

MIDDLETOWN—Middletown Township Mayor Tony Fiore and Zoning Board Member/Housing Authority Commissioner Stephanie Murray today filed petitions seeking the Republican nomination for Middletown Township Committee for 2011.

“I know Stephanie Murray will serve the taxpayers of Middletown well based on her record of service on the Zoning Board and as a Commissioner on the Housing Authority,” said Mayor Fiore. “Stephanie is not only a tireless member of our community, but also a dedicated wife and mother to three children whose family has lived in Middletown for 10 years.”

“While my commitment to public service is no less now than it was six years ago, I feel that it is the right time to pass the baton to another active member of our community, which is why I am pleased to support Stephanie Murray for Township Committee,” said Deputy Mayor Pam Brightbill. “I know that Stephanie will make an excellent addition to the Committee and help preserve the quality of life we all enjoy in Middletown.”

“It is an honor to have received a tremendous amount of support to continue my public service to Middletown by seeking to serve as a member of the Township Committee,” said Stephanie Murray. “I am looking forward to the challenges ahead to help maintain the quality of life we all enjoy while keeping taxes low in one of the largest municipalities in New Jersey.”

In addition to serving as a member of the Zoning Board and a Commissioner on the Middletown Housing Authority, Mrs. Murray has also served as a member of the Township’s Parks and Recreation Advisory and Open Space Committees. Stephanie is also the founder of a community group known as “Middletown Mornings” which is an open forum for residents of Middletown to meet with their local public officials. Murray holds a B.A. from Fordham University and runs a small publishing company.
Stephanie Murray is also the founder and co-owner of Crescent Moon Press , a small specialty book publishing firm, that publishes fantasy and occult novels.


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7 responses to “>Deputy Mayor Pam Brightbill Not Running for Reelection In Middletown

  1. >Per Mrs. Murray:“I am looking forward to the challenges ahead to help maintain the quality of life we all enjoy while keeping taxes low in one of the largest municipalities in New Jersey.”So scripted. Low taxes? Really? So keeping them "low" means what? A continuation of costly patronage and more job cuts to pay for it?

  2. >Keeping them low means they could have raised them higher than they did. THAT is keeping the "Tax Payer First". They always talk about keeping taxes low, but the taxes are always increasing.

  3. >Quality of life in Middletown has been compromised by the lack of ethics and integrity demonstrated by the current members of the TC.As for taxes,are you kidding us? These members don't even recognize how to manage money,never mind practice fiscal responsibility.Sounds as though the candidate is delusional about taxes in this town. Suffering from a case of "osmosis" also ?

  4. >Good news that Pam is leaving, not looking forward to her replacement. Sounds like the new one is drinking the same Kool-Aid the other tc members guzzle.Having seen my property taxes increase five fold over thirty years I am seriously concerned about her "while keeping taxes low" comment. While this group has "kept taxes low" we experienced the layoffs of 72 educators and are now facing the layoffs of 10 Police Officers and many more twp. employees. At the same time we have plenty of $ for the arts center, swim club and other pet projects.

  5. >Anony 6:08……This new candidate HAS NOT WON an election yet…remember that !!Don't think Fiore is that well liked and after seeing him and Brightbill in action at the library board meeting…would not miss either one of them!This town can do better than this caliber of representation.

  6. >As a life long resident, I would love to see a change in local governing. The Republicans have been in control far too long and by all accounts this has not helped Middletown. We need a 2 party system to control the run away spending and mismanagement.Having Patrick Short and Sean Byrnes representing us, challenged the Republicans who are so used to having everything their way.I was disappointed at last year's results not just because Byrnes and Mahoney lost, but because it seems the Dems do not know how to keep the momentum and grow their party. Why can't they energize themselves? It didn't help that Byrnes kept on predicting his demise! Yes, it's hard to always be the underdogs, but change the game plan, show some fight and stop playing not to lose.

  7. >I want to thank Pam Brightbill for her commitment and service to the community.Although I did not always agree with her actions, she was a hard worker and that should be acknowledged.

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