>President Obama’s Weekly Address 4/16/11: America’s Fiscal Future

>WASHINGTON – In his weekly address, President Obama said that to restore fiscal responsibility, we all need to share in the sacrifice – but we don’t have to sacrifice the America we believe in. Earlier this week, the President proposed a balanced approach to cut the deficit, which matches the $4 trillion in deficit reduction put forward by House Republicans’ plan. The President’s proposal does this by combing the entire budget for savings and asking everyone to do their part. The Republican plan, though, would end Medicare as we know it and make drastic cuts to education, infrastructure and clean energy, while giving away $1 trillion in tax breaks to the wealthiest two percent.



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5 responses to “>President Obama’s Weekly Address 4/16/11: America’s Fiscal Future

  1. >The Right Wingers have been trying to undo Medicare and Social Security for generations, but only now do they have a black president to use to whip up latent fears and hatred. I commend the president for keeping such a cool head but the time has come to stop pretending these people can be appeased.

  2. >Hey, stupid, the country is broke with a national debt of $15 trillion and annual deficits forever as projected by the fool in the WH. You think your stupid comment means something. Further,you dope, the Republicans are not talking about Social Security, but are talking about Medicare and Medicaid. Also, if you saw Wolf Blitzer tonight it was reported that taxing millionaires and billionaires( actually single making north of $200K and married north of $250K) to death does not get you much.The President has a cool head, your comment, because with the phonies in our society to get upset bothers people, so don't get upset just watch things fall apart. Perhaps, that is what Obama wants.I don't.

  3. >Didn't hear you piping up about this debt when it was being run up by white boy GW Bush. The Tea Party and their manufactured outrage about "spending" didn't even exist till the man of color was a shoo-in as president. Were all you fiscal conservatives asleep those eight years? The timing of your outrage is mighty suspicious. P.S- The man of color had to spend to keep the debacle caused by white boy from sinking us into a depression. Go wrap your arms around the Ryan plan that by his own admission won't show a surplus for 30 years- when anyone who remembers voting for it is long dead. Surprised you were watching Wolf Blitzer or is Fox News holding a telethon for millionaires tonight?

  4. >Anonymous 8:33 p.m. on April 16,2010,Do you think calling people names makes your point for you? I'll now use your style to make my point.Do you remember this country had a surplus when Bill Clinton left office.Your "stupid hick" white boy from Texas is clearly responsible for much of today's financial crises. The color of anyone's skin,the God any citizen worships,the country of any citizens ANCESTORS origin is not relevant to qualifications to hold public office.Obama is a native born American citizen. John Kennedy was the first Catholic to hold the office of Pesident of these United States.Stop this inane, biased and prejudicial crap and come to grips with the fact that Obama won the Presidency and he will probably win re-election.

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