>Tough Cop Bob Brown Takes on Governor Christie

>Democratic State Senate Candidate Bob Brown, who is running for the open Senate seat in the new 12th legislative district, has hit the campaign trail running even though the general election is some 7 months away.

Bob Brown, who has run unsuccessfully for the State Assembly during the past two campaign cycles in the old 13th district has filmed a Youtube video (see below) that stakes out his position on the under funded NJ pension system.

It’s definitely worth checking out.

Former police officer and attorney Bob Brown is speaking out for current and retired New Jersey police and firefighters. The New Jersey police and firefighters pension fund is underfunded by seven billion dollars! Bob blames Governor Chris Christie and past governors for taking a tax holiday and not contributing to the fund while police and firefighters continued to contribute. Bob says it’s time to stop blaming police and firefighters for the state’s fiscal incompetence and is asking the Governor to be less of a bully and sit down with him to come up with a solution.

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One response to “>Tough Cop Bob Brown Takes on Governor Christie

  1. >Who paid for Bob Brown's continued education and Law degree?

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