>Audio From April 19th Middletown Board of Education Candidate Forum At Lincroft Inn

>On April 19th 2011, the Middletown Republican Party held a BOE Candidate Forum at the Lincroft Inn.

The first 11 minutes of the meeting consisted of Republican Club business followed by the Candidate Forum. After each candidate was give 2 minutes to introduce themselves the floor was open to questions and answers.

Candidates Leonora Caminitti, Barry Allen Travis and Richard Morrill did not attend but had statements read.

The meeting ran approx. 1.5 hours and can be heard in its entirety below, but I have to admit I haven’t listened to all of it as of yet. I have only gotten through the first hour, I will listen to more as time allows between now and the Board of Education election which will be held next week on April 27th.

My one thought on this meeting is that it wasn’t much different that the one I attended in person over at Harmony School on April 14th which was written about in this weeks edition of the Independent



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4 responses to “>Audio From April 19th Middletown Board of Education Candidate Forum At Lincroft Inn

  1. >Thank you for posting the audio to the meeting. I know none of the candidates personally but the ones who impressed me the most were Donnelly,MacRae and Banta.Burns was terrible and the read letters were weak. I thought Wexelberg and Superti were average. JMO

  2. >I heard the candidates speak at two forums that were held. I was most impressed by Barry Travis, an intelligent young man who graduated from HSN a few years ago. He is now attending Stevens Institute of Tech.He offers a contemporary, insightful, honest look at the education system in town. Being a recent graduate is an advantage as he nows what is and is not working in our schools.He has my vote!

  3. >I am told that the format of this meeting was different than the others, where typically all candidates would have an opportunity to comment on a question. That was not the case at this forum. Each question was to be directed to just one candidate and only that candidate would respond. The problem with this approach is that it allows for manipulation of the process and preferential treatment of one candidate over another.

  4. >Thanks for putting up the audio!I really liked Banta, Macre, and Burns. They all come at from a business perpective — I think we really need that in Middletown

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