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>Banta and Wexelberg, Candidates Middletown Board of Education

>I was forwarded the following email from a friend who had received it from another. The email is from Middletown Board of Education Candidate Bob Banta, who along with his ticket mate Jerry Wexelberg, are each seeking to be elected to 1 of 3 – full three year terms to the Middletown Board of Education in Wednesday’s Board of Education election.

The email was introductory in nature and tells the readers a little about both Banta and Wexelberg and what they would like to accomplish if elected to the Board of Education:


I would like to take a moment to ask for your support and appeal to your sense of community. I have been the Director of Soccer for the St. Mary’s Athletic Association for about 5 years now and with the program for a few more than that. I have had the privilege and honor of working with some of the best volunteers in our community dedicated to youth sports here from our SMAA Board of Directors to all of our Coaches and Assistant Coaches, as well as hundreds of the best kids anywhere! In this time, I have seen our program grow from about 35 teams of approximately 350 kids to our present 78 teams of OVER 1100 kids.

One of the great things about this program is that it is made up of kids from all over Middletown, from many of the elementary and middle schools as well as St. Mary’s and some of the other Catholic schools. There have been drastic budget cuts to the Board of Education’s budget last year and this years budget is well under the 2% cap set by the Governor. If afforded an opportunity, I would like to make sure all the kids in our town are receiving the best education possible as well as be part of the process to ensure that these budget cuts don’t translate to necessary programs being cut. I am sure that as a fellow taxpayer you may agree that all of our tax dollars for education should be carefully spent on the children’s education and not wasted in areas that the kids do not receive a direct benefit from. I would also like to see that all of the youth programs in town have a better and more realistic opportunity to use the existing facilities at our public schools which all of our taxes support. I am looking forward to helping the existing board work together in one direction and use my unique team building skills to unite the other board members. These are some of the reasons I have filed the paperwork to be on the ballot for the Middletown Board of Education election this April.

Finally, I would like to let all the parents know that I am going to be running with Jerry Wexelberg in this election. Jerry is a longtime Middletown resident and has supported the education system as well as the athletic programs of our public schools for many years now. He is currently the President of the Booster Club for High School North. Jerry and I share many of the same views on many issues related to the Board of Education.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope we can count on your support on Election Day! Please ask as many families, friends and neighbors as possible to come out this coming Wednesday, April 27th and vote.


Bob Banta
SMAA Director of Soccer


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>MiddletownPatch: Three BOE Candidates Seek One-Year Term to Address Pressing Issues

>Currently up over at MiddletownPatch is an article which profiles the three individuals, Leonora Caminiti, Allen Burns and Ernest Donnelly, that seeking to be elected to the Middletown Board of Education to fill the 1 year unexpired term left by Dan Skelton, who stepped down from the board earlier this year.

The profiles are pretty straight forward and standard, nothing controversial but gives each’s position on a couple of topics. So, If you weren’t able to attend one of the four BOE Candidate Forums that were held over the past two weeks, these profiles may be able to help your decision making process for whom to vote for.
I attended the Candidate Forum that was held on April 14th at Harmony School and out of these three individuals, I was most impress Ernest Donnelly (Caminiti was a no show). He seemed to has a clear notion of what was needed to ensure that the schools ran properly and efficiently and as a former educator and superintendent himself, he knows what to look for when hiring a new superintendent in Middletown.
Allan Burns did not impress me at all, his stances on some of the issues seemed naive and his outright refusal to approve any budget in the future that included a tax increase was unrealistic in my eyes and came across as pandering.
But go over to the MiddletownPatch website and read the profiles anyway and read for yourself, you may walk away with a different opinion.
Also, remember that I have posted audio from the April 19th Candidate Forum that was hosted by the Middletown Republican Party at the Lincroft Inn.
While the forum was not a great venue for the candidates to express their views (questions where directed at individual candidates only, others could not comment) and it seemed somewhat biased, you can hear Burns and Donnelly speak.


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>Former NJ Gov Jim McGreevey denied priesthood

>The Trentonian is reporting that Former NJ Governor Jim (I am a Gay American) McGreevey was recently denied the priesthood by the Episcopal Church, and his denial has nothing to do with his being gay. Evidently his sticky and often contentious divorce from his wife Dina Matos McGreevey was given as the reason for him being turned away.

That’s too bad, say what you will about McGreevey and how his governorship ended, his term as governor wasn’t bad, he was moving the state in the right direction and dealt rather successfully with the two largest issues at that time in the voters mind, namely car insurance and parkway tolls.
He reformed car insurance so that NJ residents have more and better choices of coverage plans and while still high, are no longer the highest in the country. He also abolished many of the toll booths along the NJ Parkway, which made the morning and afternoon rush hours much less stressful and definitely more convenient by putting an end to the constant stop and go, pay a toll, traffic jams that plagued commuters.
It’s unfortunate that McGreevey’s time in office is still so controversial, hopefully in the future when both McGreevey’s have their problems behind them, stop writing books and bickering back and forth, Jim McGreevey can attain the priesthood that he so covets for his moral well being and personal transformation.

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