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>Special Meetings Scheduled For Thursday and Friday May Not Be What We think

>Kudos to Redbankgreen.com and Dustin Racioppi for tracking down Middletown’s acting mayor, Tony Fiore, and asking about the two special Township meetings that have been called for on Thursday and Friday this week.

According to what was written online, the two hastily scheduled meetings are just incase a contract settlement is achieved between the Township of Middletown and it’s two unions.
At this point in time, there are no settlements pending or imminent and there is a very good chance that the meetings will not take place. The meetings were call for “just in case”.
So as of now, the expected lay-off of 10 Middletown police officers and 16 members of the Township’s Department of Parks & Recreation on Friday are still, pending unless there is an 11th hour settlement

You can read more about it >>>Here


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>Robert Superti, Candidate Middletown Board Of Education

>I received the following letter from Robert Superti, who is seeking to be elected to fill 1 of 3 – full three year terms on Middletown Board of Education during tomorrow’s April 27th, 2011 school board election:

As a candidate for the Middletown Board of Education I have spoken at all four scheduled forums for the Board candidates, distributed hundreds of copies of my history of experience and knowledge. I have delivered recorded messages of my philosophy for action in the school system. I’ve returned numerous phone calls to my home and answered all questions of concerns involving our school system.

In all of my conversations of our community two main themes emerge as major concerns about our school system. One is cost (taxes) and the other is quality of education. The cost issue involves decreased funding from government agencies, loss of revenue due to individuals loss of income and increased cost of living: which increases the tax burden of those who still pay taxes.

The quality of education involves mandated legislation that was intended to improve productivity: but has failed to do so. The administration and faculty have expended time and energy to carry out those mandates.

Our community pays a staff of experienced professional to implement our goals for education. They should not be micro-managed by outside interests to perform their duties. If good proposals are submitted by outside interests our managers should decide on how those ideas are implemented in the system.

If our managers appear not to be performing well then it is the responsibility of the Board of education to intervene to remedy the situation. The Board of Education represents the entire community: therefore representatives that consist of administration, faculty, parents, community activists, and the Board members should participate in dialog to forge a unified vision and approach to maintain and improve our system.

When I say, “Stop exploitation of our schools” I refer to the imposition imposed by negative rhetoric that emerges from representatives of government who decry that our tax burdens are primarily due to school budgets. Political negative rhetoric or spin doctoring is an effective tool to divert attention or resistance to other desired agendas.

Negative rhetoric demonizing of teachers and unfunded mandates degrade productivity in our school system.

Please vote for me, Robert Superti, line #4 in this year’s Middletown School Board election tomorrow, April 27th, 2011.

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