>Special Meetings Scheduled For Thursday and Friday May Not Be What We think

>Kudos to Redbankgreen.com and Dustin Racioppi for tracking down Middletown’s acting mayor, Tony Fiore, and asking about the two special Township meetings that have been called for on Thursday and Friday this week.

According to what was written online, the two hastily scheduled meetings are just incase a contract settlement is achieved between the Township of Middletown and it’s two unions.
At this point in time, there are no settlements pending or imminent and there is a very good chance that the meetings will not take place. The meetings were call for “just in case”.
So as of now, the expected lay-off of 10 Middletown police officers and 16 members of the Township’s Department of Parks & Recreation on Friday are still, pending unless there is an 11th hour settlement

You can read more about it >>>Here


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4 responses to “>Special Meetings Scheduled For Thursday and Friday May Not Be What We think

  1. >Pending 11 hour settlement!! That's funny being that the police are the only ones that have met with the administration the other three units don't meet till monday!!

  2. >Then I suppose the scheduled meetings are all for show.

  3. >It is such a shame that the PBA Union voted on their concessions, which Mayor Fiore agreed to verbally on the phone with the union president Monday Night when the union voted and the contract was done, and the layoffs stopped. And now, Mayor Fiore is back pedaling and double talking because he attempted to add more to the already agreed upon contract and concessions. These jobs were saved, Mayor Fiore stopped them. Remember this come November, because the Township Employees and their families surely will.

  4. >The best part about the jobs and recreation programs that were saved is that they do not cover their costs with the funds they bring in so where is the money going to come from to fund these programs and pay these salaries and benefits and cover the costs of all the utility bills to run all these buildings. How did these layoffs save the town any money and cut down the budget when all that was done was the positive flow of income from successful programs was stopped and programs that continue to cost the tax payers money were saved?!!!!

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