>APP: Middletown’s layoff plan uncertain until today’s deadline

>Kevin Penton of the Asbury Park Press has been all over the Middletown layoff story since word of yesterday and today’s special Middletown Township Committee meetings were announced. Yesterday there were three articles posted online updating the situation.

According to Penton, no deal had been struck between Middletown and it’s Police unions, which was why yestderday’s special meeting was cancelled, however further negotiations seem to be ongoing and the Township is hopeful that it will be able to proceede with today’s special Committee meeting scheduled for 5 pm.

The spectre of layoffs will hang over the township until today’s deadline, as
municipal and police union officials failed to strike a deal on Thursday.

With Middletown’s layoff plan scheduled to take effect on Saturday,
officials from the township, the Policemen’s Benevolent Association and the
Superior Officers Association have been in talks this week on how to reduce
expenditures, Mayor Anthony Fiore said.

To meet the legal notification requirements in case a deal is struck, the Middletown Township Committee scheduled 5 p.m. meetings for Thursday and today.

As of 4 p.m. Thursday, today’s meeting is on, said Cindy Herrschaft, Middletown’s public information officer.

Middletown’s original layoff plan called for the elimination of 26 positions, including 10 police officers and 13 employees in the township’s Parks and Recreation Department.

But with some employees agreeing to retire, the number of positions to be eliminated through layoffs has decreased, Fiore said….

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4 responses to “>APP: Middletown’s layoff plan uncertain until today’s deadline

  1. >More like forced to retire. As for the Mayors comment about the municipal and police union failed to strike a deal on Thursday the only people that have met with the township are the police union. The other unions meet on Monday and they have already told those bargaining units that no matter if they take the deal the township offered or not that was presented to the units two months ago that the layoffs were still going through.

  2. >I read the Penton article and the tax rate went up 21.3% The tax levy at 3% exceeded the 2% tax levy cap.

  3. >Let's remember the republicans have been in control for decades. Everything thing in the current contracts was approved by them.

  4. >Watch the crime increase now since 10 police officers are being laid off. The scumbags from the other neighboring towns will start coming into Middletown. We need those police officers.

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