>APP: Middletown deal with police saves jobs; 9 other workers let go


Below is what the Asbury Park Press is reporting about the deal that was struck between Middletown and it’s Police Unions, it’s pretty much what I had posted last night with a few more detail concerning the PBA agreement and additional information about those who were laid off in Parks & Recreation.

Four police officers won’t have to turn in their badges as a result of a last-minute deal struck Friday between the township and the Superior Officers Association.

However, the township’s savings from a new four-year contract for the 21 members of the association does not help the nine Parks and Recreation Department employees who were laid off Friday, said Anthony Mercantante, township administrator.

Township officials gave the local Policemen’s Benevolent Association until Monday to vote on a separate contract, which could save the jobs of six police officers, Mercantante said.

“This agreement saves jobs,” said Mayor Anthony Fiore, referring to the superior officers’ pact. “This should serve as a model for the Legislature or for other towns that can’t get things done.”

As part of the deal, Superior Officers Association members will get a 1.5 percent raise in the fourth quarter of 2011 and 2 percent raises in each of the contract’s subsequent years, Mercantante said.

Middletown will realize savings by association members either paying a larger percentage of the costs of an existing health plan or choosing to enroll in a new, more restrictive plan that will be cheaper for the township, Mercantante said. Association members who opt for the township’s top health plan will have to pay 25 percent of its cost, as opposed to 1.5 percent of their salaries, Mercantante said. Members can also choose a plan with more restrictions and continue to pay 1.5 percent of their salaries, he said.

The township’s layoff plan had included the demotions of one lieutenant and three sergeants to the patrol division, which would have led to the layoffs of four other officers, said Fred Deickmann, Superior Officers Association president. The agreement means the superior officers will not be demoted, he said.

“This is a fair deal for these trying economic times,” Deickmann said. “We’re glad the collective bargaining system worked.”

Of the 16 non-police employees facing termination, nine were laid off, three retired and four were shifted to different positions, Mercantante said….

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6 responses to “>APP: Middletown deal with police saves jobs; 9 other workers let go

  1. >Kudos to the superiors. Many other towns/cities (Newark, Camden, AC) let their brothers get laid off/ demoted and refused to give back. They sacrificed to save most of the layoffs and now will pay their fair share. Will the non Union managers follow suit?

  2. >To bad the Middletown teachers union would not let their membership vote on a one year pay freeze last year to save the 72 teaching positions we lost.

  3. >In reference to the post "APP: Middletown Deal with police saves jobs"…Merchantante stated," Of the 16 non-police employees facing termination, nine were laid off, three retired and four were shifted to different positions,". Couple of things I don't get were the 3 retirements and 9 lay offs all in Parks and Recreation as stated in previous APP articles and posts here?; and what exactly does the "four were shifted to different positions" mean??? Again, Merchantante is vague in his detail…does that mean the four employees "shifted" escaped losing their full time jobs? And if so, doesn't that mean their full time salaries are part of the Township budget still? So how did Merchantnte save the town $ by "shifting"? Once again unclear messages given to the public AND covering up what exactly does "shifted" employees mean. So SICK of Merchantante not being clear and so unprofessional.

  4. >3 employees were forced to retire and 7 were laid off from Parks & Rec. 3 jobs were saved at the Arts Center. Building,Court Clerks office, & Finance department were also saved. So it was only the recreation employees that lost their jobs. This was nothing more then a personal attack on Parks & Rec. Ps: the town has not met with the white collar union. I'm glad jobs were saved and wished more were but it had nothing to do with union give backs.

  5. >anon 6:03 AGREED. It's all smoke and mirrors with this group. Let's spin the message.

  6. >Anon 6:03 Thank you, at last the truth.

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