>LVGA Issues Statement Concerning Planned Four Ponds Housing Development


On it’s website, the Lincroft Village Green Association has published the following statement regarding the planned Four Ponds project that is to be located at the Avaya complex on Middletown-Lincroft Road. The proposed site plan is also located on the website so that resident and those that are interested can see the size and scope of the project that will impact the area and the quality of life for those that live in it’s proximity:

Re: Four Ponds Redevelopment Plan

The Lincroft Village Green Association and many of the residents of Lincroft Village are strongly opposed to the Four Ponds Redevelopment plan as is currently proposed. We have serious concerns this large scale housing development will bring negative change to our neighborhoods and adversely affect residents’ safety and quality of life.

Our specific concerns for opposing this development are as follows:

Density and Type of Housing:
The plan proposes to build 270 townhouse and 72 flats, with 68 of the flats being COAH affordable housing rental units. This represents an approximate 16% increase in the number of households in Lincroft Village. This is far too many households for the infrastructure of Lincroft to absorb.

Good planning requires that new construction should be similar in size and character to existing, neighboring homes. The style of homes being built, three story townhouses in clusters of 4, 6 and 8 units, and four 18 unit apartment buildings, is not in keeping with the style of the majority of the homes in Lincroft, which are single family homes on large lots, of 0.5 – 5.0 acres in size. The density and configuration of the proposed Four Ponds Development are more reminiscent of inner city row houses than existing construction in Lincroft. Therefore, this development would have a very negative impact on property values in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The current traffic conditions along CR520 and CR50 make any additional traffic-generating projects in Lincroft completely unacceptable.

• The intersection of CR50 & CR520 is already considered failed because of too much traffic (County Route 520 Corridor Study, 2002).
• Middletown-Lincroft Road is a major route to the following Lincroft establishments: Brookdale Community College (enrollment over 13,000-all commuters), Christian Brothers Academy (enrollment over 900), St. Leo the Great Church and School, Oak Hill Academy, Lincroft Elementary School, Multiple preschools, Lincroft Library, Lincroft business center and professional buildings, Two senior citizen complexes, Four churches, in addition to St. Leo the Great, One county and five township parks, Lincroft Fire and First Aid stations.
• CR50 is a major North-South route for many trash, recycling and construction trucks, and services all of Middletown and towns north.
• Both CR520 and CR50 are major E-W and N-S traffic routes and are used by many to access the GSP (Exit 109) and Red Bank to the east, Holmdel corporate center and residential areas to the west, Monmouth Mall to the south and the remainder of Middletown and other points north.

There is already dangerous cut-through traffic and speeding in surrounding neighborhoods, especially on Turnberry Drive and Leedsville Drive, which will only be worsened by the additional traffic generated by the housing complex, affecting the safety of the residents who walk, bike, and jog and drive on those streets.

The Four Ponds development will bring many additional children to our local schools. Two and three bedroom townhouses will be more likely to have families with school-age children.
The Lincroft Elementary School is already filled to capacity. The building is over 50 years old and every classroom and available space inside is being utilized. Families are drawn to Lincroft for the quality of our public school system. By adding children and overburdening our classrooms and teachers, this will have a negative impact on the excellence of our schools.

Safety – Fire, First Aid, Police:
Lincroft and the surrounding neighborhoods are served by our all volunteer Fire Department and First Aid Station. Adding 342 new homes to Lincroft Village, a 16% increase in households, will overburden these services, including the Middletown Police force and Public Works and seriously impact the safety of the entire area.

In closing, as you can undoubtedly see from the above noted points, the Lincroft Village Green Association is extremely concerned, as are the residents who have already contacted us in large numbers, that a development of this size, in this location, would be seriously considered for approval at this time. The impact on the quality of life of current Lincroft residents, the strain on our schools and already diluted resources, and the associated safety concerns, should trump any desire to vote to permit this development.

Consequently, we respectfully request this proposed plan be tabled at the present time, and the current owner be instructed to work with key stakeholders in our community to determine the most appropriate alternative uses of this space. This has simply not taken place to date.
In fact, when this property was rezoned in 2010 to accommodate COAH obligations, the then sitting Township Committee went on record to say they would rezone the site back to either commercial or residential single family homes at the earliest opportunity. We implore you to consider rezoning this property now, and come up with a more thoughtful, rational plan, with more potential for positive impact for Lincroft Village and its residents.

Board of Directors
Lincroft Village Green Association


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21 responses to “>LVGA Issues Statement Concerning Planned Four Ponds Housing Development

  1. >Before anyone decides to attack the LVGA, let me clarify a few things. They are a non profit, non partisan organization who's main goal is to protect and preserve the safety and quality of life of the residents of Lincroft.They are volunteers comprised of Repulicans, Independents and Democrats. They have been successful in all their causes, most notably the roundabout at Brookdale. They attend all township and county meetings so that the public can be informed of the proceedings.We are lucky to have such an organization in this town. As a fairly new resident to Lincroft, I want to thank them for all they do, especially with helping to oppose this proposed developement.Had I know this would be proposed 5 years ago when I moved here, I would never have considered buying my home. What is with the leaders in this town? Twice they tried to put in a sports complex and now this.Makes me wonder who's interests they care about. It's certainly not the residents and tax payers.

  2. >Increased population, fewer cops, unfixed roads, more crowded classrooms, threats against the town library- are these the creative solutions promised by the All Republican Township Committee?

  3. >Gee, maybe the residents of Lincroft should complain to the "Lincroft Zoning Board," the "Lincroft Village Committee," and the "Lincroft School Board…"How sad for them that owners of property have rights, huh?I'll bet they wouldn't care one bit if the same effect on schools, infrastructure and tax rate occurred in the "Borough of Belford…"

  4. >Hey Belford, you have every right to do the same. So why don't you?I'm sure the LVGA would be happy to help out and give you a few pointers.This is not about one section of town being better than another.It's about stopping the irresponsible, over development of a community that will cause many problems down the road.Unfortunately, the leadership in this town does not have the vision or proper management skills to recognize this.Should we mention again the Middletown Arts Center, purchasing of numerous contaminated properties, the Town Center? I could go on if you want.

  5. >Bravo to the residents of Lincroft for showing once more they're not going to roll over and play dead when the leadership tries to push a detrimental and irresponsible plan in their community.These people are smart and well organized. I'm surprised they haven't broken away from Middletown.The people who run this town are so short sighted. They won't be satisfied till every nook and cranny is developed. Even if it's on contaminated land or wet lands.It's all about the money, screw the quality of life.I wonder where we'll be on the Forbes best places list.

  6. >anon 8:40, And where is your backyard?How would you like to have invested your hard earned money in a home in a nice community then find out you'll have 342 new neighbors crammed in your backyard? Build single family homes and make it a nice development. That's why we moved here.

  7. >Has thet TC explained how Lincroft School, Thompson School and Middletown HS School will absorb this massive influx of students?

  8. >All you NIMBY critics out there.Do you have a community college in your backyard? Didn't think so.Try spending an afternoon in Lincroft when classes change and see how you like dealing with the traffic.

  9. >anon 10:27 Of course they haven't.They only care about the added tax revenue that this will generate right now. They don't realize that a development of this kind will lower the assessed value of the surrounding homes and therefore decrease the tax revenue of the existing homes. I can see the explosion of new tax appeals happening already.The planning,zoning boards, and administrator in this town as well as the TC can not see the forest for the trees.

  10. >Is this the reason our very own mayor Scharfenberger was so quiet about being appointed to what was known as the Office of Smart Growth? With only 38 truly affordable units but many more at market value, just who are the main beneficiaries of this housing project?

  11. >Scharfenberger and smart growth, now there's an oxymoron for you.I remember Steve Massell stating he would never vote for a development at the Avaya site, saying it would destroy the community.So Steve, what do you say now?How about the whole TC saying they would not go forward with a development until COAH is resolved.Again all lip service. None of them can be trusted to speak the truth.

  12. >I don't think it is fair that all the units are being built on one site in Lincroft. This should be spread out, like on to the old proposed Town Center site, or some in Belford, Leonardo and Port Monmouth.

  13. >This is typical of the people in Middletown who want to critize eveything but not get involved in anything! Except for the statement from LVGA the only other suggestion is to put it somewhere else. Isn't that a great idea. I have experience with the people on the township committee and they are just as concerned about over development as anyone else in this town. One comment says they are more concerned about the additional tax revenue this will generate. No one on the committee believes this, development like these raises taxes due to increased infrustructure needs. Also many of the comments keep coming back to Democrat versus Republican. Let's forget what who we vote for, which part of our town we live or who we like or dislike like. This is an issue that all of the residents of Middletown should join together and fight for the betterment of OUR town. This can be stopped and I know it, our organization Concerned Citizens of Middletown fought the Town Center and won, at least for now and we did this with the cooperation of numerous civic organizations from Middletown and the Township Committee. Let's unite and present one face in opposition to this project.

  14. >The Town Center would have been great for Middletown, you guys blew it.

  15. >The town center idea was terrible and so is this Avaya proposal. Middletown doesn't need any more housing or shopping. If the owners of the Avaya site can't find a tenant for the property they built then that is their problem. I am sure they made plenty of money the last 30 years that they did have a tenant. If this mistake is built you can never take it back. I think I should get my house rezoned so I can put up a multifamily unit it's place that way I could make some money too.

  16. >7:43 PM,Who are you, an Azzolina or a Scaduto?

  17. >anon 1:43 The TC blew it. Don't blame the Azzolinas and Scadutos. They were asked to do something for the community. Unfortunately they didn't know the community didn't want it.I'm not related to them either.

  18. >anon 7:43, I'm not a family member or employee of Foodtown. I am a lifelong resident who recalls Rosemarie Peters proposing this idea to the Township and Mr. Azzolina when the state was encouraging the Town Center concept. Part of the plan would have included an ice rink. Would have been great to have a "home ice" for the three high schools in town to practice and have home games on. Of course it would be a privately owned rink so private industry could do what it should and not have government run such facilities, ie swim club. But once some residents spoke out against the project Rosie backed track to save political face. Instead of having the project she initially encouraged that would have brought more jobs to town, a great tax ratable and finally a "town center" to bring a sense of unity she fought against it. Now we watch Holmdel approve such projects on our border and reap the tax benefit while we suffer with people driving north on the Hwy. to go there. Those driving south on the Hwy. flock to Red Bank to walk Broad St and visit the shops and dine in a variety of restaurants. Gee wouldn't that have been nice to do in Middletown?There were many pluses to the town center. BTW I live in a town center, mine has a community college, does yours?

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