>SONIC Issues Statement Apposing Avaya Re-development


The following was issued via email from the Lincroft citizens group ” Save Our Neighborhood’s Integrity & Character” aka SONIC
Thursday evening April 28th, over 100 concerned Lincroft residents packed the Sunrise Assisted Living Facility to discuss the proposed plans for the Re-development of the site formerly occupied by AVAYA. They are vehemently opposed to the proposed plan, which calls for 342 units in total, which represents a 16 % increase in the total number of homes in Lincroft.

The group was comprised of members of “Save Our Neighborhood’s Integrity & Character”, otherwise known as SONIC, who originally were organized to oppose the WFS Sports Complex, as well as members of the Lincroft Village Green Association (LVGA) and other concerned residents. They agreed to use all their available resources to actively oppose these proposed plans. The group has and will be soliciting funds from the Community, to retain an attorney and other professionals, as deemed necessary, in mounting opposition to this proposed plan.

SONIC will be informing the greater Lincroft Community about this proposed plan and will urge all concerned residents from the Lincroft area and surrounding Communities to attend the upcoming Middletown Township Planning Board meeting on Wed. May 4th, at 6:30 pm at Town Hall.

For further information as to this proposed plan, please visit the following WebSite: LincroftVillageGreen.org

To see site plan of the proposed Avaya re-development click Here


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15 responses to “>SONIC Issues Statement Apposing Avaya Re-development

  1. >SONIC = NIMBYThey would be happy if this went anywhere else in town.

  2. >opposing this ? read who the attorney for the applicant is….Why is the name Brodsky soooo familiar???

  3. >The man is the attorney, earning an honest living. Why bring up the attorney, he is doing his job. The people of Lincroft just don't want it in their back yard. Blame it on COAH, thats what it is zoned for. You don't like the rules blame the justice's & legislator's who will not change the laws.

  4. >Was built and zoned as commercial office research space but rezoned just to meet COAH submission. Rezoning this property was a terrible idea. The one thing the township doesn't need is more housing.

  5. >To all you NIMBY accusers out there, why don't you shove it. Do you have a community college in your backyard?This has nothing to do with the 68 COAH units. We have over 300 in senior housing.This has to do with negligence of the township administrator who missed the opportunity to trade our COAH obligation with Red Bank.This has to do with being LIED to by the Mayor and TC time and time again.Thankfully, we have intelligent people in Lincroft who are not going to roll over and play dead.We will fight for what we believe is right and continue to defend our community. Everyone in Middletown has that right.

  6. >This what the residents of this township (all of them ) get when you keep electing liars and cheats as your representatives.Had enough yet ???

  7. >Every Middletown resident has the right to defend our community; this is true. It seems however no one in town raises or waives the NIMBY flag better or quicker than the Lincroft or Shadow Lake residents. We still appreciate your keeping the kids in town from getting two multi use turf fields. It's logic like yours that still has Middletown as the worst fields to play games in Monmouth County by the people who come here and can't believe the conditions we have for our kids to play on.

  8. >9:47 – You said that absolutely brilliantly. I agree with you completely: NIMBY accusers – SHOVE IT! I'm sick of hearing all the Lincroft putdowns. Why not put down Oak Hill or Navesink River Road or Locust – the home values there are higher than Lincroft. I'm proud to say I grew up there, in a low-cost ranch house on Parkview Terrace. My parents' finances didn't fit the perceived "rich" stereotype of Lincroft households, but they gave me a wonderful life. I never experienced any of what I call reverse snobbery towards us Lincrofters until I was well into my adult years. This NIMBY talk is ridiculous – any of you in ANY section of Middletown would be saying NIMBY to a project as large as the Avaya one. We don't need the additional housing in an already densely populated Township. And I may list this posting as "Anonymous" but I'll tell all you NIMBY accusers: my name is Sue and I work for the Township.

  9. >Thank you anon 12:00.Based on the conversations I have had from people all over Middletown, they agree we don't need more housing period. Yes this effects Lincroft dramatically, but the narrow minded out there don't get it.This will effect all of us when it comes to the added expense to improve roads, schools, police etc.The problem again goes to poor long term planning. For those of you who still complain about our sports fields take that up with your township committee who blew it. Let me also remind you, we are one of the few townships in Monmouth county who has 2 turf fields in their town at our high schools.Ideally, the Avaya site would be a wonderful site for a sporting project with in an indoor pool, ice rink and turf field. But the township has no money to purchase it. Instead we have a closed down $8 mil art center.

  10. >Kudos Lincroft!! I don't live in your area, but congratulations on standing up for yourselves. This will benefit all of us – aren't we congested enough.

  11. >The sports jocks don't care where the money comes from….just give them their turf fields regardless of the fact we already have two artificial turf fields at the high schools paid for by the residents of this township.The sports jocks don't care about economic conditions in this country today. We now have a couple of these jocks on the BOE ( thanks to the shenanigans of Scharfey & Co. ),let them get the BOE to share them with those who have a need to use them.Middletown does not have the infrastructure in this end of the township to support this excessive population growth….not the roads,not the space in the schools and not the support facilities needed . There is no place in this township for this concentration of growth.It does not take a rocket scientist to see that. It's not a NIMBY issue,it's a MIDDLETOWN issue.This TC ha clearly and repeatedly demonstrated how totally out of touch with reality and how totally unqualified they are and how incompetent.

  12. >The Township has re-zoned properties to prevent development in the past. Those efforts were overturned in court. Remember the Town Center re-zoning? To ask the Township to re-zone the property after they were forced into it would be costly and would ultimately be overturned AGAIN.

  13. >Maybe this developer should consider the competition from whatever happens on the Bell Labs property in Holmdel.Two huge projects in such close proximity could result in financial disaster and ruin both communities.Greed winning over reason will result in failure in both towns.

  14. >anon 8:57, it was wrong to rezone the site in the first place. There were no variances issued to control the development. The cost to the community will be unmeasurable.This goes back to poor long term planing. Very similar with the Town Center project where the TC and Planning board asked Joe Azzolina to buy the property to build a town center then ended up in fighting it in the courts for years. That cost millions in legal fees.Should have checked with the community first.

  15. >This is seen as "job security" for the township attorney and don't ever be fooled as to think the people of this town are his first priority.

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