>APP: Middletown board hears controversial housing plan

>The Asbury Park Press this morning has a good write up on last night’s Middletown Planning Board meeting with some additional background information that pertains to the Bam Hollow development and how 1200 housing units were originally scheduled to be built there.

The article was written by Kevin Penton and is a pretty accurate description of what went on durning the discussion of the Avaya redevelopment hearing last night.

You can also checkout the raw video from last night’s Middletown Planning Board meeting that I have posted in the previous post.


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3 responses to “>APP: Middletown board hears controversial housing plan

  1. >When it comes down to it, it's always about money. Who is benefiting from this? It's not about COAH, that's the excuse.The TC rezoned this for high density multi level housing. That's the issue. It's wrong for Lincroft and all of Middletown.The TC knows this and they approved it. The buck starts and stops with them.

  2. >How appropriate that New Jersey's Office of Smart Growth dropped that name when the Christie/Scharfenberger crew took over. I notice the TC members have stopped beating their chests and are suddenly very "pragmatic" about COAH-why now I wonder?

  3. >This whole issue smells of pay to play politics. Connect the dots and its all about who is making money.COAH is just an excuse; it's the owner of the property who wants the best return on his investment.Who approached who first is the question? Was it the TC who asked the owner to develop this for COAH and rezone for high density, multi level housing or was it the owner? (TorCon, a huge Republican supporter)We the people do not know know, but we do know the TC and zoning board were negligent in their duty to protect the residents of Lincroft and Middletown. This is one more housing project that Middletown does not need, and will change the landscape of Lincroft forever. That is a quote from TC committeeman Steve Massell who stated that during his campaign at the candidate forum in Lincroft.Say it ain't so Steve. Weren't you also on the Planning board at the time of the decision when Avaya was rezoned? I quess you're just another politician who will say anything to get elected.

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