>Raw Video: Middletown Planning Board Discusses Avaya Re-Development

>For those that were unable to attend the Middletown Planning Board meeting last night don’t fret, I took a few picture and shot an hour’s worth of video from the proceeding.

The meeting started at 6:30 pm but because of old business before the planning board, the discussions concerning the Avaya redevelopment project didn’t start until 7:25 pm and lasted only an hour. It was explained that further meetings would be needed in front of the planning board over the course of the next few months before any decisions concerning the site would be made.
I would say that there were easily 250 or more Lincroft area residents in attendance for this initial site presentation. Unfortunately none were afforded an opportunity to speak their minds about it because no public comments on the project were allowed at this time. It was stated that after all testimony before the planning board was given, lawyers for various community groups would be given a chance to cross examine the witnesses and residents would have a chance to speak.
Below is raw video from the night’s meeting, it lasts an hour and captured all but the first minute of the meeting (I wasn’t fast enough turning on the camera, sorry)


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4 responses to “>Raw Video: Middletown Planning Board Discusses Avaya Re-Development

  1. >The developers are planning parking spaces for a thousand cars. A thousand more cars pouring out onto and clogging already congested Front Street and Lincroft-Middletown Road.A thousand more cars every day.How would the principals of this project enjoy a thousand cars a day clogging their neighborhood/s?Maybe we should see.

  2. >This is also the main road to the middle school and high school- as a result, not only do you have the traffic from parents, but also many high school students themselves who are new inexperienced drivers. Couple that with 1000 extra cars and the horrendous road conditions that exist on Middletown Lincroft Road since the water main work and you'll be reading many more tragic stories in the daily paper.

  3. >This is just plain bad for the residents of Middletown. This doesn't affect Lincroft, it affects all.Fiore stating that they don't want this either is hypocritical and disingenuous. The TC is back peddling because of the poor planning regarding COAH in the first place. Why don't they acknowledge that they screwed up in the first place instead of the usual don't blame us crap.Their irresponsibility will be very costly to the residents in this town and reminiscent of the proposed Town Center project. That cost us millions in legal fees when the TC who were responsible did a double take and ended up fighting the very same people who they asked to develop the center in the first place.This is what happens when you don't have checks and balances in your government.

  4. >I agree with the previous comments.The residents are understandably enraged. This is an absurd plan that will only make bad things worse. Do any of the people on the zoning or planning board think of the long term affects of this plan? Are they ignorant to the existing problems we deal with on a daily basis? Will the TC ever take responsibility of their actions or lack thereof?People were upset when they first heard of the rezoning, but believed Greenspan & Mercantante when they said the likely hood of this being developed was doubtful.That was said in Dec. '10 and here we are looking at the prospect of this plan being approved.I guess it was all lip service.

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