>Atlantic Highlands Library Is Monmouth County’s Newest Branch

>I found the following press release from Monmouth County somewhat interesting since Middletown’s Township Committee threatened to turn over the operation of the Middletown Library to the county earlier this year if it did not receive adequate reserved funds handed over to it, so that the funds could be applied this years Township budget.

While the circumstances behind Atlantic Highlands transferring its’ library over to the county was no less controversy, you didn’t have the public grandstanding and threats by it’s town council Like you did in Middletown that sparked such public outrage amounts library supporters.

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – Monmouth County will officially welcome the Atlantic Highlands Library as the Library System’s on May 1, marking the addition of the 13th branch to the largest circulating library system in the state.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome Atlantic Highlands as our newest branch in the Monmouth County Library System,” said Freeholder Lillian G. Burry, liaison to the Library Commission. “Atlantic Highlands is home to my daughter and grandchildren, and I know first-hand what a wonderful community it is. A library branch there only makes it more special.”

The Atlantic Highlands Borough Council last year voted to join the county library as a branch, and the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders confirmed the action in a vote in December.

“We are so pleased that the people of Atlantic Highlands have chosen to expand our long association by becoming a branch of the library,” said Renee B. Swartz, Monmouth County Library Commission chairwoman. “We will always be mindful of the faith you have demonstrated in our institution and honored that you entrusted the operation of the Atlantic Highlands Library to the library commission.”

Beginning May 1, the library at 48 Avenue C will offer new expanded hours:

Mondays, Wednesday and Saturdays – 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Tuesdays and Thursdays – 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Fridays – 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

During the past few months, work has been ongoing to make the borough library’s computer system and catalog compatible with the county system. The library is currently located on Avenue C while its new home is under construction as part of the renovations at the borough hall on First Avenue. The renovation project expected to be completed later this year.

The county library headquarters is located in Manalapan. Libraries with branch status in the county system include the Eastern Branch in Shrewsbury, Allentown, Atlantic Highlands, Colts Neck, Hazlet, Holmdel, Howell, Marlboro, Ocean Township, Oceanport, Wall and West Long Branch.


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8 responses to “>Atlantic Highlands Library Is Monmouth County’s Newest Branch

  1. >Comparing Atlantic Highlands Library with the Middletown Library main branch and the 3 smaller branches isn't equitable on many levels. First of all, Atlantic Highlands is a much smaller town with 2 schools, the parochial and the elementary. Middletown has over 15 schools as well as more senior living facilities, etc, whose patrons use the library services. The Atlantic Highlands Library is tiny in comparison with Middletown's and offers far fewer programs, if any in comparison to Middletown. The taxpayers of A.H. might realize some tax savings but Middletown's wouldn't because the TC expected the taxpayers to pay for the building as well as an increased county library tax. Add those additional costs while getting reduced services and having to share the resources with even more people and nobody wins except the TC in getting away with their "perceived" savings in order to look good. Too late for that! COME ON NOVEMBER!

  2. >Middletown librarys are a waste of money. They should be closed we would save so much money

  3. >Mike,What was that last poster (Anon 10:37) talking about. How can you say that a Library is a waste of money!?? Sure, I think it is nonsense that there are such exorbitant mandated increases in the library’s budget … that the taxpayers have to pay for … but I don’t think you can say, legitimately, that Libraries are wastes of money.I am sick of certain individuals always breaking everything down to numbers. Sure, we could eliminate certain things like the library, the swim club, the arts center, the senior center, the parks & rec. department, etc. … to reduce our budget and expenses and taxes. But what, then, makes this town special? What, then, makes this town different? As a taxpayer & resident of this town, I WANT facilities and services that impact & improve my “quality of life”! A good town SHOULD have “quality of life" facilities and services like a good library, a good swim club, a good arts center, a good senior center, a good parks & rec. department, and so forth. … of course, all those things should be run well and efficiently 🙂 … and our town’s governing body and staff should be focused on “good services done efficiently”. The last point I will make is just a reminder that all of the services I mentioned above, along with our police and emergency services, public works, building department, health department, animal control, & etc. … are paid for with only 20% of your tax bill.aNON that there are such exo

  4. >aNON,Thanks for your response, I agree with it whole heartedly.The previous commentor in question is a typical local supporter of the Scharfey and crew who post nonsense here most of the time in an attempt to get a rise out of others who differ in opinion.Most of the time this person doesn't warrant a response!Thanks

  5. >To Anonymous 10:37 a.m.IGNORANCE IS BLISS!!

  6. >anon 10:37 You're probably against funding public education too.The previous poster said it right."Ignorance is bliss"

  7. >What Anonymous 10:37 doesn't realize, if he/she even knows how to think for themselves, is that the library building would still have to be paid for. He sounds like Settembrino-who boasts that he doesn't have a library card and never needed one in his college studies either! Sounds like an educated person-NOT! The libraries also offer support to the thousands of township students with just the summer reading books alone-in this economy,most of us parents can't afford to go out and buy the books our kids need for their summer reading list.These politicos need to get their priorities straight. Oh, and another FYI, many people from neighboring towns who are Monmouth County Library cardholders actually PAY to be members of the the Middletown Library. If it wasn't so good, why the heck would they do that? All the ignorant library-haters might try checking it out and cracking a book before they go spouting their stupid political rhetoric!

  8. >The County was more than happy to take in the At. Highlands library. At. Highlands is in the process of building a new library for them. Who wouldn't jump at that? Any one who thinks a library is a waste of money is not thinking for themselves. Remember, knowledge is power and a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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