>More Turf May Come To Basie Field; Too Bad For Middletown

>It never ceases to amaze me how messed up Middletown is at times, with no problems at all it looks like Red Bank will be installing new turf fields by the end of year, paid for mostly through grants!

According to RedbankGreen.com the new fields will be installed at over at the Basie Fields complex.

It’s too bad Middletown screwed up it’s chance to have a a couple of new fields build in town last year with it’s assine idea to build a full fledged sports complex over at West Front St. Park in Lincroft, instead of upgrading Trezza Field in River Plaza and the field at Crydon Hall over in Leonardo.


Note: This is a re-post from yesterday. Blogger was experiencing technical difficulty after a system upgrade and wiped out all posts after the 5/11


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7 responses to “>More Turf May Come To Basie Field; Too Bad For Middletown

  1. >What Middletown really needs is for it's residents to "wake up and smell the coffee"…. They keep electing these jerks so they get what they vote for…idiots and airheads.

  2. >So typical of Middletown who can't get out their own way when it comes to planning properly.

  3. >Our baseball fields are terribly upkept (thank you Middletown parks & rec). For such a big town with so much open space why do the 72 Soccer teams share the baseball fields with MYAA/Babe Ruth & the many men's baseball leagues? Why not a sports complex? Toms River and Brick has them. Has anyone seen the 16 tennis courts at Tindall? Leaves from the fall are in all the corners of the courts with litter & weeds growing through the cracks. We don't take care of what little we have. What a mess. Say goodbye to the top places to live…

  4. >Why should anyone be surprised at this? It's nothing new.Middletown's great claim to fame was it's MAC. Now they can't afford to keep it open.Think of what we could have done with all that money. Yet I have the voters to blame. They keep on voting the same crew in,so I guess you get what you ask for.Including a 342 high density,multi level development right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Brilliant planning.Don't tell me Fiore that you had a gun to your head. Bamm Hollow was never going to build 1200 units and you gave the owners of the Avaya site everything they wanted so they would take the COAH units.We're not fooled one bit.

  5. >Middletown has a huge piece of property where the fields off Orchard Hill Road are and there is another( UNKEPT) entrance to that acreage off of Majestic South. That's where a sports complex should be built. The swimming pool for handicapped kids exists there (Camp Hope). There is a protective wooded area between the residences and the acreage that exists there.The money spend on the Arts Center (far over budget) would have accomplished a heck of a lot more on a sports complex on that acreage.There also is a wide paved foot path off of Majestic Avenue to that area also.Time to plan properly and give Middletown something it really needs and not something that some uncouth.do nothing politician dreams up to try and make them look good for their run for office as the West Front Street endeavor was.The land needed already belongs to Middletown and when money and grants could be obtained for such a project as a sports complex that is where it belongs.Fix Trezza Field and the field at Croydon Hall and start taking care of what we do have. Is there anyone in this town with the COURAGE to see the light ??

  6. >Anon 8:43So, it is OK to build a "sports complex" where the main entrance would be via a residential street, but it is NOT OK to build one on a main road like Middletown Lincroft Road (Maricucci Property) or West Front Street (WFS Park). Also, since when is one turf field with no lights and no significant buildings a Sports Complex?aNON

  7. >aNon 9;49 you only read and retain what you want to. If you want sports facilities,someone…somewhere is going to be inconvenienced. The entrances to the acreage off 520 and Orchard Hill and Majestic South (if they clean it up) ALREADY EXIST.There are two huge proposals for housing developments off Middletoewn Lincroft Road and West Front St. on the Avaya and the Bamm Hollow sites. This could increase the population of Lincroft by nearly twenty five ( 25 ) percent.Middletown Lincroft Road terminates at an already failed intersection that cannot currently handle the traffic that travels it.IGNORANCE IS BLISS !!

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