>Interesting Timing Behind Bamm Hollow Resolution

>With all the hoopla surrounding the redevelopment of the Avaya industrial site in Lincroft which is calling for 342 housing units to be built, I find a resolution on the docket for approval at tonight’s Township Committee meeting in Middletown interesting in it’s timing.

Resolution No. 11-169 , which authorizes the settlement agreement between Bamm Hollow builders and the Township, seems to be an attempt by the Township to sugarcoat the history behind the redevelopment of the Bamm Hollow Country Club property, in a way that show outspoken community groups like SONIC and the Lincroft Village Green Association that the Township Committee is really looking out for their best interests and are not really interested in building high density housing in Lincroft.
Unfortunately though we know differently.

Bamm Hollow developers originally wanted to build 200-300 homes on the site when plans were first proposed with no COAH units, I was told. The Township objected to the initial development due to the it’s size and wanted the developers to scale it back a bit.

After further discussions took place, the Township approached the Bamm Hollow developers, along with several other land owners, wanted to know if they would be interested in having their properties included in the Township’s Master Plan for residential development. Many of them (including Bamm Hollow) agreed to join the Township’s planned most of them then had their properties rezoned from commercial properties to residential (Avaya being an example).
From what I had been told, the Bamm Hollow property and the Avaya property where then (on paper) combined to make one large development. It was only after plans were leaked out that the development of the Avaya site would not include Bamm Hollow, that Bamm Hollow decided to revise their plans from 200 or so single units to the 1200 units with COAH housing.
The developers knew at the time that Middletown had failed to meet it’s COAH requirements so they decided to seek a “Builder’s Remedy” in the courts to have the property zoned to the way that they had originally wanted. The 1200 units were a bluff by the builder and would have never been built with COAH in mind because the site did not meet the conditions to satisfy COAH requirements on its own.
So now that the Bamm Hollow case has been settled in courts (pretty much to the way Bamm Hollow had originally wanted in the first place), the Township is attempting to show residents of Lincroft and the rest of the Township, that they are fighting for their best interests (after spending hundred of thousands of dollars) by fighting Bamm Hollow in the court and winning so that now, the “little” (in caparison ) 342 unit redevelopment of the Avaya property doesn’t look so big and bad to those that live in the area.
I’m sure that there will be some discussion about this tonight that will be very interesting and somewhat revealing, it will make for a great show. The meeting starts at 8:00 if you wish to attend.


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34 responses to “>Interesting Timing Behind Bamm Hollow Resolution

  1. >Mike, Minor correction it's Bamm Hollow. Otherwise, thanks for shedding some light on the latest deception and diversion tactic.

  2. >Ok, I know the TC has difficulty with their math calculations, so I'm not surprised. But according to the resolution how does 190 homes on 1 acre lots, with 120 acres of open space fit on 280 acres?

  3. >Roads and drainage etc take up some of the space ….quite a bit,in fact.

  4. >Doesn't the 280 acres include all of those mentioned? Or is that just usable land?

  5. >So there are 30 more acres for roads and drainage? Aren't those included in the 130 acres of open space?

  6. >Anon 5:45,Thanks for pointing out my miss spelling. Auto correct is both a blessing and a curse at times.I made the corrections.

  7. >well, you have planned according to situation,all i can say to you is good luck.

  8. >This town is run by a lot of stupid people and the voters in this town get dumber every year because they keep electing stupid people to run the town……..Good luck republicans. Talk your way out of all this crap. No one else to blame but stupid republicans. NO ONE !

  9. >Hey, I resemble that last remark !

  10. >Hey Dopey.Have you had enough yet ??????????

  11. >Not a time for finger pointing and name calling! Unite before more small towns start popping up in any available space in our neighborhood. What's next a high rise in the alley behind Dunkin Donuts?

  12. >Unity should take places at the polls and get rid of these stupid republicans. That's not name calling….it is fact and after 30 + years of these nincompoops,it's time for CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGE !!This current bunch doesn't know it's rear from a hole in the ground. They screw up everything they touch !!!

  13. >Finger pointing is appropriate….when someone or some party is to blame. the "R" and the "D" after the name is the real problem.

  14. >Lincroft should secede from Middletown after this latest mess. They fought and won against 3 sports centers, 2 cell phone towers, widening to 4 lanes on CR 520; all to preserve their communtiy, because they know what is right.The MTC continually shows that they do not have the interests of the tax payers. Their priorities are screwed up and the incompetence is astounding. Yeah yeah, blame it on everyone else. This is sickening.Add Bamm Hollow to Avaya and that's a 25% increase in residents to 6 square miles. I don't for one minute believe that Bamm Hollow was going to build 1200 homes. That was the leverage they used to get what they wanted in the first place.

  15. >Does anyone know the name of the develpers?

  16. >Is this why the uneven patching up of Middletown Lincroft Road has not been repaved- because the weight of all the extra people and vehicles will naturally tamp it down?

  17. >Middletown-Lincroft Road is part of Monmouth County Route 50. Call the County and ask them because nothing happens on a county road without the approval of the county. NOTHING !!!Once it is repaved,it cannot be reopened for five years. Maybe the development proposals are delaying the repaving. With money so scarce maybe the developers will be responsible for the repaving.

  18. >The TC said 120 acres would be set aside for open space. What would prevent those 120 acres from being developed into affordable housing? The Township petitioned the State and received permission to use land, purchased with open space tax money, to construct 180 units of affordable housing for +55. This was built on on only 8 acres of land.https://my.c3alert.us/middletownnj/read/pressrelease/187f92fe-a3d4-4b7d-9064-b7cc465e6584

  19. >Sometimes land purchased with open space money is swapped for a like parcel (with state approval) to accommodate such a development. Is this what was done by Middletown Township ? And where was that done….certainly not in Lincroft where the land for the current proposals all are.Who is going to buy the homes on the Bamm Hollow tract and also what market is there going to be for homes on the Avaya tract and remember Holmdel is trying to redevelop the Bell Labs tract.In today's real estate market this could be financial suicide….COAH be damned……. there is a glut of housing because of the number of houses for sale and the foreclosures,etc….. that much new housing within a five mile radius defies reason!But then the Middletown TC never makes sense anyway so what can you expect from them now???? Has this TC made sense in the last six or seven years????? Don't think so !!!

  20. >I'm relieved that there will 190 units instead of 1200, however why wasn't the Township required to put COAH there as well?It's seems more appropriate to put the greater number of housing units there instead of at the Avaya site.There had to be some deal made with the owners of the Avaya property.The Township should be looking at the 2 properties and decide how developing both of them would have the least impact on the community.I don't think proper planning has gone into this and the TC seems to be reacting instead of planning.Hearing the TC's comments on the possible drastic impact on the school system was very disappointing to say the least.With all the talk of shared services and better working relations, you would think the TC would be advising the BOE about these plans. To say that's their responsibility was quite disturbing since ultimately the tax payers will be paying for it.To complain about the amount we pay in school taxes then expect the BOE to absorb the additional student population without so much as a it's not our problem statement is absurd.

  21. >Anon 9:50,The history of Bamm Hollow isn't exactly how the TC has explained it.Bamm Hollow originally wanted to build 200+ units on its site. That proposal was opposed by the township which wanted only 50 or so homes built.Bamm Hollow knew that the town was not in compliance with COAH at the time and exploited it by bring a "builders remedy" law suit against the town.Bamm Hollow was not originally included in the Townships COAH plans.

  22. >Why did our TC members beat their chests so many years to fight this, but then claim their hands are tied NOW? Litigation was ALWAYS the more expensive route and anytime they fought this there was a chance of failure. When they run for election, they promise us creative solutions, yet come crunch time, they shrug uselessly and say their hands are tied. Really, why even run for office then? If you have no new ideas, why put yourself forward as a candidate? I'm sure we can train chimps to cut ribbons.

  23. >anon: 10:19, Great question and observation. The TC is very poor at recognizing and anticipating potential problems like COAH and the Bamm Hollow issue. Instead of planning and dealing with the issue they neglected Middletowns' obligation. Whether you support COAH or not, it is the law. Middletown found themselves in a catch up mode and had to rush to satisfy. When they chose to pick the Avaya site and rezoned it for such high density, I ask what are they thinking? Again this will cause severe problems down the road. The objection that residents have is the high density.Bamm Hollow wanted to build 50 homes, owners changed then it was 200-300. The TC said no, BH came back with 1200 and litigation followed because the TC did not anticipate what the owners could do.This all could have been prevented if the TC worked with the owners in the first place to find a reasonable compromise.The TC has a history of it's my way or the highway, and the results have been detrimental costing tax payers millions.

  24. >anon 10:18 We've heard these candidates and elected officials say one thing and do another for years.One day hopefully, people will wake up and realize one party rule is not effective. There are no checks and balances and the people in control have their own agendas. I'm quite suspicious of Settembrino with his back ground in solar energy and connections to Birdsall.Did anyone do the calculations on his solar initiative that will bring in $2 mil in 15 years? That's less than $135K per year. Big whoop! Anyone realize the TC voted to approve bonding another $2 mil to cover tax appeals? Of course not, the Bamm Hollow issue was the focus. Or better COAH, the state legislature and the Japanese owners got attacked.Brian Nelson should be ashamed of himself. He's not an elected official, but pretty much controls the show up there.

  25. >We NEED COMPETENT LEGAL HELP ALSO !!!All this litigation is JOB SECURITY for the current town attorney and just enhances his share of township tax intake. Ever wonder at decisions about fighting the "letter of the law" ?

  26. >The attitude that comes from the Navesink ,riverfront, elitist group that have controlled Middletown's planning board, the TC and the republican party also contribute to the nonsense that goes on in this town.Defying the law of the land costs money and only enriches the lawyers.The only government people can trust is a bi-partisan one that represents ALL the people in town regardless of political affiliation.The goons we have currently fail to understand anything except political motivation…..fail miserably", not doing what's right or legal.The legal representation is abhorrent. Uncouth dictator behaves as if he is an elected member of the TC. Has never been elected to office in this town .


  28. >Bamm Hollow still has to go before the zoning and planning boards with plans. We should know who the developer is then.

  29. >I hope the residents pay close attention to this latest mess and recognize the leadership in Middletown is and has been incompetent for quite some time.The ONLY way to change it is to vote them out.Anyone who voted for Scharfenberger & Settembrino should be questioning their judgement and realize the voters get snowed every year.

  30. >These creeps just lie and cheat and the public proves to be too ignorant to recognize their shameless behavior.GET WHAT YOU VOTE FOR …."DUMB and DUMBER"

  31. >One only has to recollect one of the many outrageous political flyers during last years election cycle in Middletown showing Scharfenberger & Settembrino and titled "Chris Christie's Team in Middletown Put Taxpayers First"WHAT A CROCK OF CRAP !!!!!!It' that time of year again…..Are the voters going to fall for this shit again ?????

  32. >Thanks for this wonderful post.Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer.

  33. >Like we need more housing , foreclosures everywhere . This is a total joke. I thought Christie Killed COAH

  34. >Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

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