>Socialism is all around us

>Lawrence O’Donnell on last night’s The Last Word points out how Bill O’Reilly is a “Socialist” like the rest of us.


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5 responses to “>Socialism is all around us

  1. >Obviously the voters in NY State's district 26 agree. Don't mess with my Medicare.

  2. >It's funny that the Tea Party is all about fiscal responsibility and cutting the deficit except when it comes to cutting Medicare.Tell that to the losing Tea Party and Republican candidates in the very conservative Republican NY State district 26.Love Laurence O'Donnell!

  3. >Yeah, Socialism is a dirty word except when you try and cut socialist programs like Medicare and Social Security.

  4. >Accusing Democrats of being Socialists has a long history-just ask former WWI Army Captain Harry Truman – he had that one launched at him too.

  5. >Just wait till all these young,cocky republicans reach 65,66 and 67,or whatever the age gets to be and don't hold your breath waiting for them to decline "their benefits".What would this country be like for some of the elderly without these programs ? Do away with the abusers not the programs. For example the guy in his forties who can ride a motor cycle with his kid on the cycle but is disabled and collecting Social Security. Or the doctor who bills Medicare for servives never performed or the patient who does not report that doctor.The problem is always with integrity…integrity of the program, integrity of those who benefit and in the case of Medicare. also the integrity of the doctors as well as the beneficiaries of the program.

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